Upper West Side School Cafeterias Get Clean-ish Bill of Health on State Inspections

An image of the violation map. The full interactive map is here.

“School lunch” does not bring to mind gourmet food, but parents at least want their kids to be eating in sanitary conditions.

A new map shows the results of state inspections at schools throughout the neighborhood and city, pinpointing problem spots that recorded critical violations.

On the Upper West Side, one school had three critical violations, a few received two, and a few others got one. Most schools, though had no critical violations, based on a quick look at the map.

The worst local offender was the Anderson School/Computer School at 100 West 77th Street, which racked up three critical violations in an October inspection, with inspectors finding mice, flies, and unsanitary utensils or equipment. At PS 84 on 92nd Street, a July inspection revealed mice and unsanitary utensils or equipment. PS 452 also had mice and flies at its new 61st Street location in an October inspection.

See the map here. You can also look up the school inspections in a state database here. Private schools are listed too.

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    1. Michael says:

      Just another reason to choose independent schooling – more attention and less food poisoning.

      • UWS-er says:

        For the vast majority of NYC residents, private schools aren’t a choice they can afford to make.

        • Michelle says:

          The irony is that the best private schools have lots of money for scholarships, often full scholarships. They are financial- need scholarships, not “merit” scholarships, just like the best private universities offer. And those schools include lunch, trips, books, etc., in the tuition rate, so parents don’t have to always have to be digging in pockets for more money. I have known families who pay nothing or very little. (I know only because a parent told me; otherwise, it really is kept confidential, although one can guess, of course.)

      • Abby K says:

        What an idiotic comment. Ok, you spend $50k a year while I just pack my kids lunch so school lunch isn’t a factor, and I’ll use that money for something else.
        And depending on the school, even if you’ve guaranteed they have sanitary cooking conditions, that’s all over the window with the buffet style serving and communal bowl of fruit I see when I walk by one particular school. I promise those kids haven’t all washed their hands before lunch.

    2. ScooterStan says:

      Check the map, THEN click on “Gallery” to see what else is on “Public Tableau”.

      First item is:
      “…a visual history of interracial marriage laws in the United States dating back to 1700.”

      Ummm…one does NOT have to be a genius to know that THERE WAS NO “UNITED STATES” in 1700! It wasn’t till 1776 that the colonies would revolt and declare themselves an independent entity free of British rule.

      The ensuing Revolutionary War would last till 1783, when the Brits gave up.

      Great example of why the Web should NOT be considered a 100% reliable source … EXCEPT for this site, of course !!