Cookie Shop, Thai Restaurant Closed by Health Department

Macaron Parlour, the cookie shop 560 Columbus Avenue (87th), was closed by the Health Department on Wednesday for operating without a permit, according to a sign on the door spotted by Michael Marks, who took the photo above. It had reopened as of Friday morning.

And Tum & Yum, a Thai restaurant at 917 Columbus Avenue (105th), was closed on Tuesday. The department detailed the violations below. The restaurant passed its reinspection on Friday, allowing it to reopen.

Violation points: 92
Sanitary Violations
1) Hot food item not held at or above 140º F.
2) Cold food item held above 41º F (smoked fish and reduced oxygen packaged foods above 38 ºF) except during necessary preparation.
3) Food Protection Certificate not held by supervisor of food operations.
4) Evidence of rats or live rats present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.
5) Hand washing facility not provided in or near food preparation area and toilet room. Hot and cold running water at adequate pressure to enable cleanliness of employees not provided at facility. Soap and an acceptable hand-drying device not provided.
6) Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.
7) Non-food contact surface improperly constructed. Unacceptable material used. Non-food contact surface or equipment improperly maintained and/or not properly sealed, raised, spaced or movable to allow accessibility for cleaning on all sides, above and underneath the unit.
8) Single service item reused, improperly stored, dispensed; not used when required.
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    1. Mark Moore says:

      Tums & Yum

    2. Lulu says:

      Mental hygiene? That’s really a thing?

    3. Kaz says:

      such a bad Thai restaurant. Been there few time. Really the worst Thai food I ever had.

    4. Your Florida Correspondent says:

      Re: “Macaron Parlour”

      SOME, either the ‘under-informed’ or the pun-loving, might confuse the delicate Macaron pastry with Monsieur Macron, POF (President of France)

      THEN there are others who have never learned the difference between Macaron and Macaroon.

      As was demonstrated recently while seated outside an over-priced pastry place displaying in its window a heap of colorful Macarons (in Boca Raton’s ‘Mizner Park For the Upward Aspiring’).

      Along came a 30-something female who exclaimed, “Oh, look! MacaROONs, but not the Passover kind!”

      At least no one within earshot spat out his/her coffee.

      Indeed, they would be more deflated to learn that, in Español, “Boca Raton” means “Mouth of the Rat”.

    5. Phoebe says:

      Is it true that there is ONE commissioner for BOTH health AND mental hygiene?? That explains something–from the mouth of the rat🐁for instance, the reason that cult-run Good Olde Things place remains.
      Fortunately, I’ve not had the displeasure of having eaten at either one of the latter disestablishments.
      I miss Dan’s.
      And I miss Lincoln Plaza more:(