Openings & Closings: Gastronomie 491, Maoz Falafel & Grill, Max Juice and Salad, Refresh Spa, Raquelle Nail Bar

Gastronomie 491 on Columbus Avenue and 84th Street closed on Monday after six years, although it’s hoping to reopen with the right partner and configuration in the near future. The specialty market and restaurant, which hosted one of our “storytelling” events a few years ago, sold a wide range of food, from prepared items to produce and cheese. It has been “a delight to serve our community,” a note on the door said. Thanks to Lisa for the photo and Kevin, Corrie, Marsha, Sarah and Jenn for the tips.

Maoz Falafel & Grill, the restaurant on Broadway between 70th and 71st Streets, is closing at the end of the month. A sign on the window says the lease is ending after 10 years and thanks the community. Thanks to Sunny for the photo, and Holly and Joanna for the tips.

Max Juice & Salad is opening on Broadway between 105th and 106th Streets (East side). Thanks to Pietro for the photo.

Refresh Spa, an “organic botanical spa” that does threading, waxing and nails, opened at 2528 Broadway between 94th and 95th streets. Thanks to Naomi for the photo.

Raquelle Nail Bar is opening in a former sushi restaurant on West 106th Street between Manhattan and Columbus Avenues. Thanks to Daren for the photo.

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    1. CK says:

      Maoz and Subway now gone from Broadway between 70th and 71st! What will be replacing them? That block is becoming a wreck.

      • JW says:

        With the empty real estate, the block has become a camp grounds for homeless people!

      • YSG says:

        I agree CK. I have also witnessed 2 thefts of bicycles and multiple fights when the kids get let out of school (as I sat working at that dirty Starbucks).

      • Howard Freeman says:

        And Maoz was one of few places serving cheap, healthy, fast food.

    2. lucette says:

      Sad to see that Gastronome has closed It-was my place for wonderful vegetables for lunch Incredible faro salad, brussel sprouts, string beans,lentil salad, salmon burgers and other delicious treats plus a great selection of bakery items from all over.
      The very polite young women from the school across the street would come in as well. It was a welcoming place to be.

    3. Sherman says:

      It’s terrible Maoz is closing. I eat there several times a month.

      It’s always crowded. I’m surprised they decided to close it.

      Aside from Sido there are no places in the neighborhood for a good falafel.

      • Zeus says:

        Sido’s falafel is 100% tastier than Maoz.
        Maoz’s falafel was like eating bad chicken.

      • Mark Moore says:

        At Halal Guys on Amsterdam and 95th if you order falafel they will take out a large bag of frozen premade industrial falafel balls and throw a few in the fryer. Blech. Halal Guys is like the McDonald’s of halal food.

        • Gary says:

          1. No one mentioned The Halal Guys, why bring them up only to be negative?
          2. No one goes to The Halal Guys for falafel.

    4. Filatura says:

      Gastronomie made such a promising start but soon became mired in an ongoing identity crisis. Was it a gourmet food store, a high-end takeaway, a half-hidden cafe, or what? As the small but well-curated cheese and charcuterie counter faded into non-existence, as the shelves of tempting olives, honey and teas emptied, as the cold cases filled with limp “grab ‘n’ go” sandwiches (horrible term), it was clear that the owners had lost their way, and all the pricey macarons in the world weren’t going to save them.

      I hope they can recoup, and come back with a clear focus on developing a niche in the neighborhood.

      • B.W. says:

        I totally agree! The last time I stopped there to buy something, it took 30 minutes for the counter person to get my order together, and I only selected three cheeses and some soppressata. They could have gone a long way with just having some prepackaged cheeses ready to go, so you don’t have to wait so long. The food selections were always nice, though, and I hope also that they come back with a clearer focus.

    5. Frank says:

      Art of Shaving on 75th st. is closing at the end of the month too.

    6. 69th St. Dude says:

      Sad to lose Maoz!

    7. Lorna says:

      I read in Crain’s that Maoz filed Chapter 11, so I’ve been surprised that the W 70/71st street location has still be open.

    8. Daniel says:

      Any news on Broadway Restaurant (102nd and Bway)? I’ll be sorry if it’s gone!

    9. Zeus says:

      Good riddance to Maoz.
      The W O R S E falafel I ever ate, and I ate
      falafel in hundreds of places around the globe.
      Could never understand how it had repeat customers.

    10. Kindly Dr Dave says:

      The upper west side MAOZ attracted my attention when they arrived at 111th and Bwy. Vegie? Good! So, I asked, “Is there anything here that is NOT fried?” The answer “no” saved me from a subsequent visit.

    11. Tostonesfix says:

      I wish Maoz could have made it. Small space, low overhead. Sounds like maybe the expansion to the U.S. didn’t work out for the company overall. Too bad. One of the few fast food places that doesn’t make me feel dirty.

    12. m.pipik says:

      Try cafe 71 for falafel–it’s better than Moaz which was pretty awful. They also will make you wraps & sandwiches with falafel.

      Sido is still the best.

    13. Anni says:

      Max Juice has looked ‘ready to open’ for quite awhile now…

    14. boopsie says:

      Oh, thank heavens! There are TWO new Nail Salons opening!
      We just can’t have too many of them on the UWS, can we?

    15. Mark Moore says:

      The Petco on Columbus and 98th appears to be on the verge of going out of business. Lots of signs in the window saying everything must go, 90% off, etc.

    16. Nicole says:

      Gastronomie 491 was a real gem. I hope they reopen soon.

    17. naro says:

      Keep jacking up the real estate taxes and you will see virtually all small businesses close over the next few years. Anybody who opens a store or restaurant is likely to rue that decision, as taxes are rising far faster than profits.

      • Madelyn says:


    18. Mia says:

      Is there a tax benefit for building owners to keep storefronts empty? If not, why are they allowing businesses to leave in droves knowing they will ha r a hard time getting a renter? There has to be a benefit for the owners or they would negotiate with some of these businesses. The real estate market is so crazy right now in general. People live in so many more neighborhoods than they used to, there are more and more buildings and yet rent increases as if there were a housing shortage. Is there collusion among the owners and realtors to just keep prices high no matter the market?its like this in the suburbs too…just wondering if someone can explain it…

    19. cma says:

      I hope Gastronomie reopens on the UWS with more space for dining in, especially for brunch — good food at reasonable cost.