Tuesday: Pedestrian Safety, E-bikes on the Agenda at Community Board Meeting

Community Board 7 has just posted the agendas for their committee meetings this month, and there’s an interesting one for people concerned about pedestrian safety on Tuesday. The agenda is below and the meeting is at 250 West 87th Street.

Transportation Committee, Andrew Albert and Howard Yaruss, Co-Chairpersons
Tuesday, January 9, 7:00 PM

1.    NYPD 20th and 24th Precincts discussion on traffic stats, e-bikes, and pedestrian safety.
2.    D. Zelman concerns about containers stored on roadways.
4.    Discussion on congestion pricing.
5.    Identify community groups and organizations that can contribute information and data to the
committee’s sections of the FY2020 DNS and budget priorities.

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    1. Jan says:

      They are all over the UWS unmarked catch them if you can before they run you over!
      The bike lanes are a disaster. Dangerous to pedestrians causing traffic congestion and in this cold weather are used very little. I cannot imagine who thought bike lanes would work in a city with such dense traffic. It has further eroded the quality of life in the city and is an ever present danger

      • Woody says:

        Like they’re the only things in the city that are used infrequently certain times of the year. Based on your comment, all the city parks, public pools, beaches, tennis courts, and fair-weather venues should be eliminated.

        What’s especially annoying about people like you is that you would probably advocate for restrictive traffic laws even if just one person will be saved. Isn’t that the gist of Vision Zero? But you’re a hypocrite not to recognize that the bike lanes can also prevent the death of just one cyclist. the biases of one-sided pedestrian-oriented whiners are obnoxious.

      • Pinchy says:

        waa waa waa

        bike lanes

        waa waa

        bikes and bike lanes are here to stay, get used to it, and deal with it.

    2. GAZ says:

      Wish I could go. I am very concerned about bicycle riders who flagrantly disobey traffic rules and are NEVER ticketed. Why are they allowed to run red lights, go the wrong way on streets and bike lanes and ride without lights
      I see no problems with electric bikes.

      • Woody says:

        They’re not allowed to run red lights and ride against traffic but neither are pedestrians. When you decide that others need to follow laws that you don’t, you have no credibility. Hypocrites suck on many levels.

      • Jeff Berger says:

        Bike riders are ticketed. I once received one for riding without a Bell on my handlebar. I have seen people on the West Side bike path get tickets for using a cell phone while riding.

        The problem is not the bike lanse, we need them for safety of riders. It is because of the dense traffic that we need separate lanes for bikes, jus as we have for walkers.

        What we need is more education and enforcement of bike laws.

        • MJ says:

          Agreed about law enforcement. What’s the point of rules if people think they can get away with not following them? Aren’t tickets revenue for the city anyway? Want people to follow laws? Hit ’em in the wallet with a ticket.

          This picture alone is so upsetting and something I see DAILY. A cab and a van in the crosswalk as a pedestrian tries to get small children and a stellar across the street. Terrible. Cars and bikers (be offended but it’s true) treat pedestrians like obstacles that are in their way.

          Never patronize a business whose drivers drive so recklessly.

          • MJ says:

            *stroller, not stellar

          • js says:

            Looking at this photo, seems as if the light was yellow for southbound traffic?
            If so then the person with the stroller improperly/unwisely stood in the street as it would have been a red light for westbound traffic – not yet green.
            It appears that the person with the stroller endangered herself and children

    3. lucette says:

      Not a fan of electric bikes but they are greener than the motor scooters that are now proliferating as food deliverers start using them
      what we need is more conscientious store owners who should want to make this a greener city that is why we have all the citbike parking areas.

    4. Mormuse says:

      The Mayor is banning and confiscating ebikes. The outcome of this is that there will be more fume spewing gasoline mopeds cruising the streets still disobeying traffic restrictions and making it more dangerous for all of us!

      • Tom Lee says:

        Not so!

        The reason why restaurants use e-bikes is because they are cheaper to buy then scooters and they are cheaper to maintain AND they do not need to be registered. Nor do e-bikes require the rider to have any kind of license.

        The idea is not to ban e-bikes but rather to treat them for what they are – motorized vehicles that should be registered and require some sort of annual inspection and rider license.

        If treated as such, then restaurants will resort back to using bicyles.

        In the end, most restaurants deliver within a 5-10 block radius, so the difference in time is minimal between peddling and riding an e-bike.

    5. Effy says:

      Electric bikes are a menace. They are too quiet to give you a heads up and go much faster than a regular bike. They are motorized vehicles and should be licensed and regulated as such.

    6. Kay says:

      I believe e-bikes are a great option but only if they are treated for what they are—-motorized vehicles. They need to be licensed and inspected and not permitted in bike lanes.

    7. Mike D says:

      Regulate, regulate, regulate … that’s what we do!
      So make sure the e-bikes are registered, and be sure to collect a nice registration fee every year (my car is now about $100 per year; used to be $5).
      Also make sure riders are licensed, make ’em renew license every year, change hefty fee for licensing.

      Let’s inspect the e-bike every year, make sure owners spend at least a half day getting it done and pay a hefty fee.

      E-bikes. A new source of city revenue. Yay!