Openings & Closings: Olde Good Things, Simit & Smith, Radio Amsterdam

Antiques store Olde Good Things, which closed its previous UWS location a few years ago, has opened in the old Jennifer Convertible space on Broadway between 89th and 90th Streets.  Thanks to Kevin and Flash for tips and photos.

Simit & Smith, the Turkish baked goods shop at 124 West 72nd Street, closed its doors suddenly a couple of days ago. “That location didn’t make sense for us anymore,” a company employee told us. Their wholesale location in New Jersey remains open. Thanks to Jack and Kevin for the tips.

Radio Amsterdam is planning to officially open in the former home of Bourbon Street Bar at 407 Amsterdam Avenue near 79th this Friday, the Daily News reports. There was a soft open last weekend. “The Upper West Side’s newest watering hole comes from P. Moss, whose East Village bar Double Down — an offshoot of his same-named bar in Las Vegas — is infamous for its pork-infused hangover cocktail. Moss’ partner Rob Gelardi, an owner at popular West Village bar WXOU, tells us ‘There really is no theme — It’s an adult drinking bar.'” There’s an old-school jukebox too!

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    1. Nj says:

      Wrong neighborhood to have pork infused drinks but who knows. Doesn’t look like much from the outside.

    2. Kathleen says:

      WOW! Just what the neighborhood needed – NOT! – another adult (?) drinking bar….we rarely see children in bars here….
      Landlords again. What but a bar could pay the rent? Certainly not a family shoe store or florist or fish monger or shoe repair or any other indie biz that we need.

      • dannyboy says:

        The LES bar’s web page and Yelp reviews are disconcerting.

      • captain obvious says:

        Looks like you’ve identified an undeniable need. Next step is to open up a store. third step = profit….

      • Robert says:

        Who need an Indie business!?!?

        The landlord rents the space. He or she does not decide what type of business goes in the space.

        I think we have enough Indie businesses – perhaps that is the reason why they are closing – they can’t make any money.

      • Woody says:

        Who appointed you to dictate to landlords whom they should rent their property to? You have no skin in the game; when you do, you can join the process.

        It’s touching the way you suggest what should be there to serve your needs without regard for what works.

    3. Oona says:

      Olde Good Things and a controversial religious sect –
      Olde Good Things is familiar to many New Yorkers, but almost nobody know that The Church of Bible Understanding , a controversial religious sect, is behind this chain. A sect was founded in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1971 by Stewart Traill, a former vacuum-cleaner salesman. Traill teaches that he is the reincarnation of Elijah, and that he knows the date of the return of Christ. Central belief if the cult is: The Bible is written in a color-based code only COBU leader Mr. Traill can understand.
      The members of the church live communally and receive little and very little money goes to charitable works. Most of the proceeds of the church business go to Stewart Traill, though properties and bank accounts are in the Church of Bible Understanding’s name, not Traill’s name.

      The group has been accused of being a cult, and it has been estimated that Traill became a millionaire from it.
      Traill controls every aspect of members’…

      • Linda says:

        This is quite terrible, if true. But you know “True World Foods” that supplies most of the seafood to Japanese restaurants in NYC and elsewhere is a Moonie-owned and operated company. The Unification Church is also a cult that abuses its adherents. At some point, you have to draw a line at where your personal blacklist extends.

        • Sean says:

          I have always thought that frequent shoppers at Fairway W74 are members of a cult or at the very least zombies.

    4. bill says:

      anybody know the over/under on when “olde good things” closes?

    5. Louise says:

      Thank you NK for posting the link to information about the cult that owns (and I think runs?) Olde Goode Things. I had heard many many years ago that there was a cult involved, but had never seen the details. I appreciate the idea of the store(s) very much, but am personally not interested in supporting their organization and have always found their price to be exceedingly high for the quality of the items they have.

    6. Anon says:

      “It’s an adult drinking bar.”

      As opposed to a /children’s/ drinking bar? When was the last time anyone heard of one of /those/?

      • Tom D. says:

        Perhaps they mean “adult” as in “behaves like a grown up”?

        I’ve encountered too many people well into their 20s who behave like immature idiots once they’ve had their first drink, if not even sooner. Like going to a bar is equivalent to attending a really bad frat party. Unfortunately, I hear much of the LES is suffering from that sort of clientele.

    7. Tom D. says:

      The Amigos NYC Mexican restaurant on Broadway btw 112th and 113th has closed. Must have been right at New Year’s as it was dark late last week but I believe was open the week before.

    8. 92nd Street says:

      As a Property Manager of an old Landmark Building, I use the Olde Good Things on 16th Street quite a bit and I can tell you they are scary freaks that you need to hide your children from. Ha Ha Ha
      No…they’re regular people, same as all NY’s

      Who knows what any Shop Owner does with his time, but if you are looking for super cool and unique NYC Antiques then check out Olde Good Things and I guess don’t join any cults.

      • Minx says:

        I have also brought a few pieces from Old Good Things – they make wonderful furniture and have really unique items. I am fully aware of the cult ties behind them – but what organized religion isn’t a cult?

        I am happy to see them back on the UWS, but have to be careful how often I visit as it costs me too much money! If you are renovating an older apt/building and want original fittings – this is the place!

        • Christine E says:

          You can get many of the desired original fixtures/fittings at shops on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. Glass doorknobs, tin ceiling panels, many other items. From mom & pop non-cult shops and with better prices. Threre is a stretch of antique shops on Atlantic between Smith and Third. No need to fund cults!

    9. Andrew says:

      WXOU used to have a sister bar where Jakes Dilmena is. How it all comes full circle!

    10. Jeffrey stein salon… Broadway 86 st