Openings & Closings: Make My Cake, Macchina, Jacadi

Make My Cake, a bakery with two locations in Harlem, is set to replace the Crumbs cafe that closed at 805 Columbus Avenue at 99th Street. The store is hiring, as seen in the photo above. Thanks to Jayson for the photo.

Macchina, the Italian restaurant at 106th and Broadway that served wood-fired pizzas, appears to have closed. It’s been dark for several days, no one’s answering the phone and its Google listing says it’s permanently closed. Thanks to Joe, Eileen and Isabelle for the tip.

A new children’s clothing store called Jacadi is opening in the former home of Yogurt & Candy World at 81st Street and Columbus, according to Julie, who spoke to workers at the site. Jacadi is Parisian and says it offers “timelessly elegant” styles. Just hope your tyke doesn’t dribble baby food on her elegant cardigan.  Thanks to Julie and Terry for the info.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      I went shortly after they opened, and half the food I was served was old (stale). Pizza was meh. Never went back.

      • Eric says:

        Well, of course, there’s no accounting for taste but I disagree completely. My wife and I dined there frequently and had delicious meals every time.
        They also made a mean carbonara for weekend brunch that we will sorely miss.

    2. katherine says:

      The location where Macchina was appears to have a restaurant curse on it — nothing ever succeeds there! Why would this be? Other restaurants in the area (even large ones like Henry) seem to do okay!

    3. Mark says:

      Make my Cake will be very dangerous hav8ng it so close. That banana pudding is killer and probably the best birthday cakes in all of NYC!

    4. MJK says:

      Jacadi is not new to the UWS. They have had a store on W 60th St. for a very long time. Their clothes are lovely, and yes “elegant” is code for “quite expensive”.

    5. WeirdThatWay says:

      “More sweeter” — Grammar Police say NOPE! It’s either “sweeter” on its own or “more sweet.”

    6. lynn says:

      Jacadi is an amazing store, it’s been on the UES for 20+ years and it carries beautiful classic clothing. And your kid’s dribble on it, lol.

      • Natali says:

        It belongs on the UES. The UWS does not need to become the UES 2.

        • The Fashion Policeman says:

          Re: “The UWS does not need to become the UES 2”

          Oh, puhleeze !

          Stand in front of Fairway for a few hours in warm weather…there’s NO WAY the UWS could ever be considered UES 2!

    7. PATRICIA GILMAN says:

      There is a Jacadi on 60th Street just west of Broadway. Lovely, expensive stuff. Does pretty well.

    8. BB says:

      Jacadi is the Loro Piani of children’s stores; you go there to drool not to dribble.

    9. Natali says:

      Jacadi is a chain store that can be found at the mall. So frustrating how many chains are moving in and small, local businesses are moving out.

    10. Rich says:

      So sorry to see Macchina close. We had my son’s Bar Mitzvah lunch there, and ate there often. We have very warm feelings about this restaurant and it’s wonderful team, and will miss it.

    11. Blake says:

      So sad about Macchina! We loved this restaurant and always brought non UWS friends here.

      Celebrated our xmas dinner there just last Thursday. Very upsetting news.

    12. Honest Abe says:

      I was a regular at Macchina and I’m very sorry to see it go. The food was solid and they had reasonably priced wines by the glass. The staff were great.

    13. UWSSurfer says:

      I welcome Make My Cake.

      Their cakes have buttercream frosting not the tasteless fluff that tops a majority of the dry cakes and cupcakes around here!

    14. AJ says:

      Not surprised at all to see Macchina closed, as soon as it opened I said it would be gone within two years.

    15. Naomi says:

      If you want sugar, sugar and more sugar Make My Cake is for you. Can’t taste the product only the S U G A R!