Macchina to be Replaced by Another Italian Spot

Macchina just closed a few days ago, but its replacement is already advertising its impending opening. Il Gatto Nero put up a sign in the window of the restaurant at 2758 Broadway between 105th and 106th Street.

We had reported on Il Gatto Nero’s application for a liquor license without realizing it was going into this space. At the time, the restaurant’s reps said it will have a sit-down bar and 27 tables. It’s apparently being run by the former general manager of Macchina, who is taking over the restaurant with a partner, according to community board minutes.

Thanks to Joe F. for the photo. Thanks also to Daren for the tip.

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    1. JVHS says:

      So the SoCo [ha,ha-real estate speak for south of Columbia U,area] will have five modern Italian restaurants, not counting venerable ‘red sauce’ V&T’s, plus two more to the north. And not one classic NY Chinese?! C’mon you entrepreneurs–you can do it. There’s real opportunity and hunger here. The new Panda Express at 111th /Bwy doesn’t count!

    2. LP says:

      Hopefully the food is better at the new spot. I was always disappointed by the kitchen here.

    3. Reed says:

      finally restaurants have been venturing northwards beyond West 96 street, especially Italian….hmmmm a little Italy in Manhattan Valley

    4. allison says:

      Macchina was awful. I hope Il Gatto is better!

    5. Amber says:

      My family loved Macchina! Hoping the new spot is just as great.

    6. DR says:

      Macchina had excellent wood fired pizza and the staff was super friendly. Glad to see the same management team remaining and hopefully the same staff will be there. Serafina is a crappy chain past its prime.