Openings & Closings: The Sill, Jumbo Bagels, Relax Spa, Warby Parker, Outlette

New Upper West Side stores have stacked their shelves with plants, glasses and accessories. But a bagel shop suddenly closed its doors.

The Sill, a plant store, just opened at 448 Amsterdam Avenue at 81st Street, next to the Dead Poet bar. “The shop features The Sill’s signature collection of apartment-friendly potted succulents, cacti, tropical plants, and ferns, along with a mobile gifting station, dedicated workshop space, Instagram wall, and a Pet-Friendly plant section,” the store’s reps told us.

Jumbo Bagels at 83rd and Columbus closed suddenly this week, with a for rent sign on the window. Thanks to Jenn, Chris and Abi for the tips.

Glasses store Warby Parker is open at 185 Columbus Avenue between 68th and 69th Streets. Thanks to Ryan for the tip.

Relax 99 Spa is opening on 99th Street just off Broadway, along with a Drybar that we already wrote about.

Outlette, a boutique designer jewelry store, “featuring edgy, established and up-and-coming designers” opened at 228 Columbus Avenue, between 70th & 71st Streets, according to the Columbus Avenue BID. “We are so excited to be on the UWS since we have both lived in the neighborhood for over twenty years,” wrote Scott Bienstock, one of the owners. “We feature young emerging designers from around the country, Canada and Europe.” The store is holding a grand opening on Thursday, as seen below:

FLOGA New York just opened at 224 Columbus Avenue between 70th & 71st Streets. “FLOGA carries a range of luxury fur accessories including vests, hats, scarves, and gloves. And in the warmer months you will find Greek leather sandals,” the BID said.

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    1. Jeff Berger says:

      Didn’t someone on this board make a comment on how restaurants open and then close after a month or two so the owners can take a tax loss? Was that the case here? Too bad, unlike H&H, they did not charge for toasting.

      • unclesam says:

        This doesn’t make any sense. Think about the cash outlay required, not to mention the entire effort required to open and run the business. All for a tax loss that isn’t even dollar for dollar? Seems like a silly notion to me.

      • B.B. says:

        Charging for toasting a bagel was the last straw from H&H.

        Now just buy the things and toast at home if wanted. Talk about nickel and diming people.

    2. Minx says:

      I love that a Dry Bar is opening on 99th! I see this as a good sign for the area if they are willing to set up shop and hopefully it leads to other places moving uptown and filling up the empty storefronts.

    3. UWSmaven says:

      Wow… that Jumbo Bagels was only open for about six months… but it was right across the street — and not as good — as Lenny’s, not as nice or appealing as the new H&H and the staff always seemed annoyed and distracted. Also seemed expensive for what it was. They seemed relatively experienced but I don’t get it…

    4. Kate says:

      Fur, really? Booooooooooooo

    5. Nanny says:

      Outlette is a great shop! Jewelry for every price range! You will find little gems for yourselves and lucky people on your gift list. A great “Mom and Pop” shop in our neighborhood! Let’s support this new addition to Columbus Ave and all of the small shops that make Columbus Ave a unique shopping experience!

    6. BillyNYC says:

      Wonderful idea to have more plant stores with in the the growing Upper West Side area especially this type of specialty store that includes pet friendly plants. Welcome to the neighborhood!!!

      • lynn says:

        I shopped at Amaryllis Florist at 72nd and B’way for years but they went out of business. The Sill looks very nice, but does anyone know a good place to pick up flowers or plants for the holidays closer to the 70’s?

        • Jeff says:

          There are florists on Amsterdam between 73rd/74th and 77th/78th. See this link if you want directions/reviews:

        • Jess says:

          I love ‘Posies’ on Amsterdam and 77th! They do beautiful ready to vase arrangements and will create something for you if they don’t have what you want already made! They tend to be a little pricey but if you tell them your budget they can work with you!

        • RF says:

          Either of the greenmarkets (Tucker Square or AMNH) are a good bet. I also like Plant Shed, which is further uptown but easily accessible from the 96th St. 1 stop.

    7. Gina says:

      What we DO NOT NEED on the UWS is a store that sells FUR items! People who feel it encumbant upon them to sell and/or wear the skins of dead animals are thoughtless, feelingless, uninformed and plainly cruel
      people, concerned for their own pampered selves and not for the world and its many inhabitants, which include:
      Mink, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Foxes, and all the other
      of G-d’s creatures whose skin and fur these people insist on selling and wearing!

    8. Michelle says:

      SO excited about The Sill! Will be stopping in this weekend to find some cat-friendly additions for my apartment.

    9. B.B. says:

      A store that sells luxury fur accessories including vests, hats, scarves, and gloves located on the UWS. What could possibly go wrong?

    10. Marci says:

      Floga’s sandals are terrific, but I had no idea they sell fur items. Boo!

    11. Kate says:

      Please consider the following before deciding to shop at FLOGA. Fur is a cruel & unnecessary choice

    12. Emma says:

      Petco on 99th and Columbus is closing =/ Really unfortunate how so much of the Columbus Square complex is empty. I don’t know if it’s low traffic or greedy landlords or both.

      • SOM says:

        Whoa that’s crazy that a super big box pet store can’t even stay alive there….

        Shop at Petqua on Broadway between 98/99! Sam and Ed are the best and you’ll be supporting small business. They deliver, too!