Photo of the Day: At A Mom and Pop Shop, Even the Kitchen Sink is Gone Now

At Joon Westside Fish Market on 98th and Amsterdam, even the kitchen sink itself is gone now, and that’s just a little too perfect(ly depressing).

A Kosher Japanese restaurant is replacing Joon.

Thanks to Naomi for the photo.

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    1. B.B. says:

      Fairly common sight.

      Depending upon terms of lease anything affixed to walls, floors, or ceilings of a commercial space often becomes property of landlord. This or whoever is vacating space either sells fixtures or arranges for their disposal.

      Passed a recently closed dry cleaners on UES a few years ago and they had placed a commercial sewing machine on curb with a sign “working, please take”.

    2. Kindly Dr. Dave says:

      So sad to see Joon leaving. For commentary, Joon sold Pompano for $6.99 lb. Citarella, the nearest source, sells Pompano for $23.95 per pound. (Nuff said?)

    3. Andrew says:

      How dare those real estate owners try to make money!