Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table Announces Imminent Closure

Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Table, the American comfort food restaurant on 93rd and Columbus that put up a picket fence around its outdoor cafe, is closing its doors after next Tuesday’s dinner service. Elizabeth’s prided itself on sourcing its food from small independent farms and producers.

The restaurant simply couldn’t keep up financially in recent months, a manager told us. They will be keeping their sister restaurant Gabriella’s open, and plan to offer the Elizabeth’s brunch menu there, he said.

One customer wrote that he was “heartbroken.”

“Liz’s place was a true neighborhood restaurant (white picket fence and all), where we were greeted by name and made to feel like we were in someone’s home, but it managed to have clean, largely organic farm-to-table comfort food, using recipes that were handed down by her ancestors,” wrote customer Michael Kosarin. “We’ll miss the bourbon bbq chicken sandwiches, the gorgeous free juice/veggie smoothies at brunch, the perfect vegan soups, the homemade veggie burgers….Ugh, now I’m even more depressed!”

Thanks to Michael, Maria, Philip and Nayantara for tips.

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    1. SheWrites says:

      And I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with that insane scaffolding that’s been hanging over it for years.
      It makes me sad.

    2. Wijmlet says:

      About time it closed. Terrible service. We waited once about half an hour for an order that never came.

    3. RWC 10025 says:

      What a terrible loss to the commuity. Another family run business closing gone.
      Just as Trader Joes is opening up across the street.
      I hope the landlord (it was a Mitchell-Lama Coop building) did not decide to rent gouge and put this wonderful delicious busy community restaurant out of business by not allowing them to afford to maintain their restaurant, and make a living.

    4. wombatnyc says:

      Bring in Westville

    5. pub says:

      I live near there and ate at this place a few times. the food was mediocre at best.

      not sorry to see it go, but I’m sure a bank, Duane Reade, or CVS will take its place

    6. NPK says:

      This is my favorite go to place in the neighborhood. I am heartbroken. The greed of the Landlords of the UWS is destroying everything that made this neighborhood special. What’s coming next? An Oliver Garden or an Applebees? And thank you Helen Rosenthal for helping protect the small business owners from the corporate destruction of our neighborhood. I will write Mel Wymore in on my general election ballot! The loss of Elizabeth’s is the last straw!!!!

      • Jay says:

        I hope this is bad sarcasm.

      • Cat says:

        I’ve never been to an Olive Garden but I just went to an Applebee’s for the first time and it was actually very good food at a low price, and it was more than I could eat. Can’t say that about 99% of the diners on the UWS.

        • EricaC says:

          That’s interesting; I did not like Applebees. I went while traveling once, and thought that it was symptomatic of why this country is having such a hard time with obesity – very unsubtle flavoring, mostly sweet (even in savory dishes), and yes, excessively large portions, and all very cheap. Makes you wonder how they make it so cheap.

          In any event, Applebees is a different experience, and while it is fine for some times and some places, I do prefer the individualized experience of local restaurants. And I’m sad to see this one go. We moved further away, so it fell out of our routine, but it was a nice place to go. We always were treated well by the staff – I am sorry that they will lose their jobs.

      • Sherman says:

        What’s “Oliver Garden”?

    7. Cintra says:

      A lot of these Westside Stores are closing because the Greedy Owners keeps increasing the rents so high which the Storekeeper cannot pay. The owner can then make a tax loss write off if no one else comes & open up a new store.

      • your neighbor says:

        Why do people continue to think that owners can take some sort of tax write off for a vacant store? This is FALSE.

        It is just like if you are laid of from your job for 2 months – you lose the income – but you can’t take a tax write off for the amount of money you potentially could have earned (minus unemployment benefits).

    8. wombatnyc says:

      bring in a Westville

    9. Jay says:

      The food wasn’t good. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. Gabriella’s isn’t much better…

    10. lou says:

      bring back “under the stairs”

      • Suzanne says:

        I’m with you Lou! I still miss Under the Stairs!!

      • Maggie Brier says:

        Yes! Bring back “Under the Stairs!” And the Mitchell-Lana program at all of the rental buildings in this neighborhood that are gone now!!

      • Christina says:

        Yes, I agree Lou! My family used to go there all the time when I was a kid and I used to work there in the 80’s!!! It was a great place!!!

    11. BRS says:

      This is extremely sad and rises to the level of a neighborhood tragedy. We need places like Elizabeth’s-neighborhood joints where they recognize us and we can have some comfort and also familiarity. I’m a lifetime resident of this neighborhood and nothing has ever lasted in that spot- I thought Elizabeth’s had finally broken the record. I went there often and loved sitting at Elizabeth’s- dining at night in the outdoor cafe in all seasons except the dead of winter. Inside I had my favorite table in the corner. The staff was so friendly and always let us sit for hours and hours talking over our meal- a rarity in these rushed times. The burgers were really good and I appreciated their dedication to healthy and locally sourced food. Elizabeth’s will be sorely missed.

    12. LucyF says:

      Sad but not surprising. This could have been such a great restaurant if only they improved the service. It was the perfect place to bring in-laws and other elderly family members.

    13. Elagabalus says:

      This is curious — always believed Gabriela’s and Elizabeth’s shared the same kitchen and that the whole locally sourced food thing was specious / apocryphal. They certain share the same back door and garbage storage area. Perhaps the landlord dramatically hiked their rent — due to the Trader Joe’s coming and whatever big box retailer is coming across the street (construction underway)? And now the space will be unoccupied for months or years while landlord waits for a bank branch… Elizabeth’s had finally gotten its service issues in line … And the new owner post Tri Arc had been a good neighbor and fixed the fan noise and odor issues. Whole thing is sad.

    14. Brendan says:

      It just wasnt very good. Poor service, mediocre food and high prices is not a recipe for success.

    15. reality check says:

      typical nonsensical comments placing blame based on nothing but ignorant assumptions and a false narrative. Columbus avenue has improved immensely over the last 15 years in terms of the restaurant scene. At this point I don’t think any of these commenters even live in the area. Stroll down Columbus from 100 to 80 and there are way more eateries and business activity than once was.

      This place only opened 7 years ago and the food was mediocre. NY is a tough place to open a restaurant. You have to compete with thousands of other options while paying extra high costs for nearly everything. It’s not as simple as always blaming the landlord. A place could open tomorrow and close within a month and people will still start crying as if no buniness should ever close at any time. I have news for you, sometimes people make bad business decisions.

    16. Sean says:

      It’s the end of an era.

    17. Shelagh says:

      One of my very favorite places. What’s next?!

    18. WombatNYC says:

      This should become a WESTVILLE – perfect spot

    19. smoovie says:

      I live next door. I always wanted to love this place. Great idea – fresh organic food. The menu is great. The food is not good at all. I tried many times to like it.

    20. LifelongResident says:

      I know good riddance. Just like with Food City. I mean who needs local restaurants / supermarkets that provide income for people in the community when you can have an empty storefront ( aka food city which could have stayed open all these years ). As a lifelong resident of the Upper West Side living in the 90’s the neighborhood will never be what it once was due to greedy landlords who could easily raise the rents to a reasonable amount and still make money.

      • Sherman says:

        Not too long ago the upper 90s were a grimy and dangerous part of town.

        It is the “greedy landlords” who transformed the area into a nice neighborhood.

        Stop dwelling on the past and looking at it thru rose colored lenses.

        • GG says:

          Gotta agree with Sherman here. I was there and it got a little rough in them there parts back in the old days and by the old days I mean the 80’s.:)

    21. J Bo says:

      Great concept. Poor execution. I’m surprised it lasted 7 years. My family went a few times but we always found the idea of the restaurant far superior than the actual reality of it. It always seemed mostly empty when I walked by, which was often. It’s a pretty prime location. Hoping that someone like Bill Telepan scoops it up. Now Telepan was a true loss for the UWS.

    22. James says:

      I live in the building and agree the food is mediocre and the vibe is just….weird…but gosh does it look nice a few floors down from your bedroom window! I knew this day would come, I thought the pretty fences would prolong things.

    23. Lori says:

      I just loved this place , so sad

    24. Jimbo says:

      The food sucked…………..

    25. Sean says:

      What we need on the UWS is a Chucky Cheese for the kids.

    26. debbie says:

      I am always sorry to see a local business close, but this one should have shut its doors long ago. On occasion, the food could be ok, but just as often terrible. However, worse than the food was the service. The owner would apologize and tell you that she is working with the staff, but nothing ever changed. you could wait 30 minutes to place and order and then never hear from anyone again.

    27. Annie says:

      I live very close and have always loved the look and idea of Elizabeth’s. the white fence adds a ton of charm to the neighborhood. I thought the food was just mediocre but it was a great place to bring family for weekend brunches. I really hope something else just as sweet moves in, and not a chain restaurant or bank…

    28. 92nd Street says:

      A Doughnut Plant would fit in nicely there or a top notch Diner, which the UWS has not had in 25 years.

      As far as generic Fast Food goes (several of these threads), I’d be partial to an IHOP or Waffle House.

      A serious Food Establishment could really take advantage of this major residential neighborhood.

    29. Sid says:

      Went for dinner last night. So sad. Loved their little spot.

    30. talia says:

      i liked the idea of this place but the food was mediocre, the staff was rude, and the service slow and poor. hopefully something better will come.

    31. joe says:

      I met a waitress who worked there. The problem was that their business model was higher prices for “better” food. Unfortunately, the food was not better (and was in most cases, NOT “local” or “organic”), which led to fewer customers. For a restaurant to succeed in that space, it needs to have a lower price point, with high table turnover, and sell a ton of alcohol. The few restaurants in the 90s-100s that succeed on a high price point business model (e.g. Henry’s) have long-time older clientele, and closer to West End and/or Columbia U.

    32. Jennifer Martin says:

      I’m also heartbroken to see Elizabeth’s close. I have always enjoyed lunch/brunch there. Everyone I’ve taken there fell in love with the food, service and a feeling of comfort and warmth.

      I wish you all the best and many thanks for all the good food & joy.

    33. Darwin says:

      They were nice people who tried really hard. It wasn’t the best restaurant but a pleasant place to sit, have a drink, eat a bit, & visit with friends.