Lenwich Sandwich Shop Closed After Fire

The Lenwich sandwich shop on Columbus Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Street was closed after a fire late on Sunday that filled the building with smoke.

“There was an electrical fire in the basement of Lenwich that caused both 469 and 467 Columbus residential apartments to be evacuated,” wrote Michelle, a resident at 469 Columbus. “Fire department got there quickly and minimal to no damage occurred although Lenwich was shut down today due to immense amounts of smoke in building.” She sent the video below.

The next day, the store was cleaned out by employees.

“A bunch of guys in Lenwich tshirts and dust masks were carrying everything out of the store and up from the basement into a truck outside,” wrote Jason.

It’s not clear on when it will reopen. No one was answering the phone on Tuesday afternoon.

Correction: The fire was on Sunday, not Monday.

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    1. UWSmaven says:

      I believe this is wrong… the fire was SUNDAY night and the store was closed all day YESTERDAY… and next door, Canteen 82 –which shares a common basement– is also closed (it just reopened) for supposed “kitchen renovations” but it smelled like electrical smoke.

    2. Chuck D says:

      Man, I saw that Lenny’s Bagels on Broadway/98th is closed too. Now the line at Absolute Bagels is going to be twice as long.

      • cityshopper says:

        I heard Lenny’s Bagels only closed for renovations.

      • David says:

        @Chuck D, there is a sign on the plywood at Lenny’s bagels that says they will open back up on Thursday(temp remodel)

      • womatnyc says:

        I love lenny’s bagels but the interior need a serious remodelling . I don’t think the owners put a dime into the place in years. The bagels are tasty but the tables ,floors and lighting boarder on dirty and vile . Hope that’s what they choose to do

    3. Evan says:

      go michelle!! Investigative journalism is definitely in your future!

    4. mc says:

      Wait, Lenny’s is closed for good? My cousins loved that shop when they lived in the neighborhood.

    5. uwsider says:

      Off topic but does anyone know what is up with the Momufuko Milkbar at 87th?? Windows covered this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!