Parents Confused As Children’s Stores Close Suddenly, And Company Stops Taking Online Orders

Giggle, an upscale children’s clothing and baby gear store with a branch on the Upper West Side, closed two of its other city branches on Monday and stopped taking orders on its website, directing customers to its remaining stores. Its store at 352 Amsterdam Avenue (76th-77th Street) remains open, but shelves were nearly bare on Monday. Inventory for the other stores will be transferred there, a Giggle customer service rep told us (the store is closed Tuesday to deal with the inventory).

One mother who contacted us wrote that the Upper West Side store is also rumored to be closing, and she said she sent her nanny out to quickly use up the rest of the money on her gift card. ”

Giggle offers a registry program and customer-loyalty points. Patrons were unsure what would happen to items they had registered for and points they had accumulated,” Crain’s noted.

A Crain’s reporter talked to a salesperson at the UWS store who “could not say how much longer it would remain.”

But a customer service rep for Giggle tells us that the UWS store is “planning to stay open.”

Times are clearly tough in children’s retail, as Toys R’ Us just filed for bankruptcy.

Photo by Alex Israel.

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    1. Ed says:

      egg by susan lazar, at 104 Franklin Street is offering for customers to exchange their gift cards in return for a credit that can equal 40% the purchase of egg merchandise and 20% of other brand the store sells. Egg has nothing to do with Giggle and is offering this opportunity solely to assist Giggle customers and introduce them to their Tribeca Boutique.