Elie Wiesels’ widow Marion Wiesel, his son Elisha Wiesel, NYC Councilmember Helen Rosenthal and others dedicate Elie Wiesel Way. Photos by Glenn Richter.

By Glenn Richter

On Tuesday afternoon, the corner of Central Park West & 84th Street was officially designated Elie Wiesel Way in memory of the Nobel Peace Prize awardee author, who passed away last year. Wiesel and his family had lived there before moving to the Upper East Side some years ago.

Wiesel became the world’s best-known Holocaust survivor. In his nearly 60 books, he wrote with great passion and power about the Holocaust and its effects, brought to world attention the plight of Jews trapped in the USSR, and much more. He used his moral authority to speak out on international humanitarian issues.

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    1. Jens says:

      Every street in Manhattan will soon be named for someone. With all due respect to Mr Wiesel, I don’t think he needs a street plaque to be remembered. What I need is more replacement of the signs with the actual street name. They are missing all over town.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Yeah. It sure gets confusing! 82, 83, Elie Diesel Way, 85…. Not to mention that both signs are pictured above. Just terrible! Hope you don’t get lost, Jens!

        • Jeff Silverbush says:

          I hear that the upper east side is in the process of having the UES street that Elie later lived on named after him too.

          A special committee has been created to debate whether to name the street East Elie Wiesel Way or Elie Wiesel, A Real Mensch, Way.

    2. Jo Ann says:

      Does anyone know why that particular street was picked to honor Elie Wiezel? Did he live there?

      • Chrigid says:

        The article says he and his family had lived there before moving, “some years ago,” to the East Side. I wonder what kind of memorial they have to him.

    3. lynn says:

      Yes, it’s right in the article: “Wiesel and his family had lived there before moving to the Upper East Side some years ago.”

    4. Phoebe says:

      Diesel, Wiezel…OY gestalt!

      Congratulations to his family for the honor.

    5. Boopsie says:

      I’m curious why they moved to the Upper East Side.

    6. Mike Keeler says:

      We,the world need more people like Elie Wiesel.We also need to listen to what he has said over the years.we’re better for it.