A leak sent water gushing from a window of a building on 66th Street and Amsterdam Avenue for hours on Thursday afternoon, drenching the sidewalk below. The leak was caused by air conditoning work on the building, according to CBS. By Thursday night it had stopped according to @seanbot, who sent the photos and video above and below.

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    1. Steven says:

      A “water mane” break? Must have something to do with seahorses.

    2. Wendy says:

      Oh yeah : similar in 2 apts. via social work : water through ceiling/s, &, 1 apt. — a wall. That particular building’s water gushing out reminds me of a photograph of a public fountain in Chicago, IL — which is , probably, a minorities’ majority city now. Were there Sparrows & Pigeons drinking from puddles below; in N.Y.C.. Pity that those waters couldn’t’ve extinguished the blaze of that tower block near Lambeth Station, W. Kensington, London, Eng.. “affordale housing” in N.Y.C. needs better application process for handicapped citizens.

    3. CatShaw54 says:

      Gosh, what a gush!

    4. The Mad Bladder says:

      The dogs pee on the buildings, so it’s only fair that a building can pee on some dogs.