The fireworks after Wednesday night’s concert by the New York Philharmonic in Central Park spooked an Australian Shepherd, causing it to run away.

Update: We hear Sasha has been found and returned to her owner!

Pictures and a description are below:

We heard about a small black dog seen at 96th and CPW yesterday, but are not sure it’s the same one:

“Small black dog was spotted running into street at intersection of West 96th and CPW Wed nite just before midnight.  Tried to catch it, but it got scared and darted down CPW on park side.  Tried to find it, but lost sight of it.  Worried about it.  Was it found/caught??”

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    1. Erin says:

      This is so sad 🙁 I will keep my eye out. But people, don’t take your dogs to fireworks displays, dogs notoriously HATE FIREWORKS.

    2. Jens says:

      The park has been asked to post when there will be fireworks many times. How many lost and injured dogs will it take?

      • Christine E says:

        If you sign up for emergency alerts from NYC (just google Notify NYC), conveniently available via text or email or twitter, you will always know when there are fireworks, flyovers, storms, road closures, escaped prisoners, all kinds of handy info…..and you can adjust your life accordingly (or not). This is a much more effective way to disseminate info than to expect someone to blanket the park with signs.

      • Sam Jane says:

        If you subscribe to the NYC updates, then you get an email before fireworks. I think it is

      • Cat says:

        “How many lost and injured dogs will it take?”

        How about, why are owners NOT putting their dogs on a leash?!

        I know that it’s legal to go without one at certain hours, but does a dog really need to run loose at the expense of their own safety?

    3. Shannon Crispigna says:

      I’m so sorry. I lost my dog for a week in the deep woods when a gun shot scared him. He kept circling the same area but wouldn’t come. We finally borrowed a live trap from the Animal Shelter, covered it in clothes from home and his blanket and food. Caught him! The first thing anyone said to me was, “If your dog runs, they shouldn’t be off the leash.” Well thank you for the unhelpful and unsolicited advice. Good luck. It’s not your fault!

      • geoff says:

        keeping your dog on a leash sounds like good advice to me. a dog on a leash can’t run away; isn’t it the law?

        • Mark says:

          Dogs are allowed to be off-leash in Central Park (in most parts of the park) between 9pm – 9am.

    4. I have a strange question. Would it be too NIMBY of me to ask the Delacourte to make public when there will be amplified gun shot noises coming from their productions? My dog tried to run into Central Park West and was luckily stopped by a reveler who happened to be coming into the park and could see me yelling after him. I had adjusted to go after the show let out, but I guess they were rehearsing with gunshots at 11:30pm that evening. (this was the last production last summer in the middle of that run)

      • lynn says:

        Why not just keep your dog on a leash? There could be a number of things that scare your dog (including real gunshots) so why not do everything to protect them instead of taking the risk that they may run off into the park?