The NYLO Hotel and adjacent LOCL Bar on 77th Street and Broadway are getting into the Spring mood by opening their own little flower market.

Flowers are now for sale every Saturday and Sunday from 12-8 p.m. in the lobby and at the entrance to the bar. They’re also selling flower-themed cocktails at the bar.

As we reported before, NYLO has also launched a “silent film series” where you watch movies with earphones on.

Photos via NYLO.

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    1. MD says:

      I love simple yet clever marketing ideas.

    2. Lulu says:

      Absurd. There are two florists on either street to the left and to the right aside from a ton of bodegas. Stick to what you know best NYLO, playing loud music and disturbing your neighbors, allowing obnoxious drunks to carry on in front of your hotel and on your terraces until all hours and having your garbage picked up at 2 a.m. Twice a week .

      • Truth Teller says:

        Sounds like someone just moved to NYC. All restaurants and bars have garbage collected at 2am. Because after they close and take out the garbage…you don’t want rats and raccoons digging through it all night long. Maybe you should move to Jersey or a suburb where you don’t have to live above a bar and restaurant.

    3. Julia Tiller says:

      I second that this is absurd
      It should be labeled as a sponsored ad by this blog.

      • Woody says:

        But NYLO is not a sponsor. Just like all the other UWS businesses listed in the weekly openings/closings article aren’t either. Have a problem with that, too?

    4. your neighbor says:

      These guys have some really fun and innovative ideas.

    5. Gridskippers says:

      Bravo NYLO!! So glad to see you continue to produce creative marketing ideas to help add to your bottom line and enhance the charm of the UWS!!! As we continue to battle the greed of LANDLORDS that are forever creating empty storefronts, I much rather see fresh cut flowers then another CVS or a TARGET! Keep it up!

      • GG says:

        Hey, I thought we all agreed that Target was cool but that Walmart was no dice. No?

        We all really need to get on the same page about this. I’m with you about there already being more than enough CVS, Walgreens, DR, etc.

        Why do we need so many chain drug stores? Just a coincidence that we started this whole prescription drug/opiod epidemic when they all started popping up? I know it’s more complicated than that (i’m looking at you, Doctors) but come on, it’s enough already.

    6. BillyNYC says:

      Nice touch to the hotel – but where is the dog water dish? Let’s be friendly now….

    7. MSLuws says:

      I read this and thought, how pleasant.
      Others read it as some kind of affront.
      What sad parochial people some of you are.
      A florist from Williamsburg (yes, I read the sign in the second photo and looked them up…imagine!)has a little outpost at NYLO on the weekends. Nothing absurd. We have flowers EVERYWHERE! Perhaps theirs are not common. Have a drink, bring a little spring happiness home. Clearly, some of you should try both!

    8. Upper west side mom says:

      We love Nylo – it’s a great place to hang with kids during winter afternoons when there’s nothing else going on.
      The florist idea is brilliant – we can all agree to disagree 😉

    9. LuluT says:

      This Lulu thinks it’s a great idea!

    10. What very good ideas! Flowers AND silent movies. YAY!