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The NYLO Hotel on 77th Street and Broadway has a new events series, where it turns its library into a very unique kind of movie theater.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 8.35.06 PMIt’s essentially a “silent” movie because each attendee gets a set of headphones. And there’s another twist: they’re serving drinks based on the theme of the movie. Last week’s showing of Factory Girl about Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol featured a gin-based “Muse” drink in a Campbell’s Soup can a la Warhol.

The movies cost $10. Factory Girl is playing again this coming Wednesday (it’s not clear if there are still tickets) but next month they’ll be showing Girl with a Pearl Earring. The schedule is posted here.

NYLO says it want to engage the community and become a kind of art center.

“The NYLO Hotel of New York City will support an Art Engagement Initiative through a three-pronged approach: programming both on and off-site and a quarterly artist residency. The residency program is meant to complement the work of the hotel’s programming director in generating fresh content for the hotel’s events series of lectures, screenings, and family workshops to encourage the public to actively participate in artist-led programming; and, lastly, develop new pathways to increase the visibility of the hotel’s collection in the hotel lobby, its hallways and surrounding facilities.”

It’s not clear how to apply for the residency, but it’s probably worth calling the hotel if you’r einterested.?Read the whole explanation here.

Photos via arthouseatNYLO Instagram.

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    1. Leesa says:

      This looks great!!

    2. Shirley Zafirau says:

      Fabulous addition to this historic,steeped-in- the-arts, neighborhood! ‘Miles Davis Way’is just one block west!

    3. K says:

      Sounds great to me!

    4. Harriet Machlis says:

      sounds good to me.

    5. Marjorie Cohen says:

      Wonderful news! Any chance of emailing us weekly or monthly flyers, so we can take part?

      Good Luck to you all.

    6. Jacqui says:

      This is pretty fab

    7. Che says:

      The UWS has been sorely without an art film house since, when, since the Thalia cinema closed, at 95th & B’way? Was that our only one? It was a good idea, still is, let’s keep it going.

    8. jor says:

      “they’re serving drinks based on the theme of the movie”

      Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn has been doing this. And also now in Alamo Drafthouse in Downtown Brooklyn.

      but nice to have this in Manhattan, esp. UWS, and not travel to Brooklyn to go to an art house cinema.