Crafts on Columbus, a popular crafts fair that runs from 77th to 81st Street on Columbus Avenue, was cancelled this year, and the organizers say it was because of impending construction at the Museum of Natural History. The popular fair was supposed to start the last week in April and run for three weekends.

There is no construction at the museum, however. Construction on a new educational center is not expected to start for months, as the project is still undergoing public reviews.

The fair’s organizers haven’t responded to our requests for comment on why they’re not holding the fair, and we haven’t been able to get information from city agencies responsible for permitting for the fair, or from the Community Board.

Crafts on Columbus used to run for six weeks every year — three in the spring and three in the fall — but the community board axed the fall fair in 2014 because of complaints about congestion in the area.

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    1. Sean says:

      It is the end of an era.

    2. tim says:

      the 77th st ‘flea’ market’s transformation into a year-long shopping center for merchants who would otherwise take part in the columbus craft market is virtually complete; thus, it’s not clear who is losing out here; except for one or two holdouts, 77th hasn’t even pretended to be a bona fide flea market, going on 3-4 years now. for those who love crafts, great. for those who miss the random finds in a genuine flea market, not so great…

    3. GG says:

      Really?! Complaints about congestion?? Here’s an idea…cross the street! Walk a block over. I mean, come on people…this is why we can’t have nice things.

      Is the concept of personal sacrifice for the greater good that foreign around here or am I just from a different era? People seem so entitled these days. Good forbid someone should be slightly inconvenienced or annoyed.

      I’m surprised they didn’t sue.:) Why just complain and protest when you can lawyer up?

      • chrigid says:

        You don’t want congestion? I can think of a few truly ugly hi-rises you could tear down. And stop approving more of them.

    4. lynn says:

      Just out of curiosity, how bad was the congestion in the area, and how was it affecting people to the extent that the fall fair was cancelled. Was it a traffic problem?

    5. Woody says:

      I’m going to miss kicking over the boxes that the vendors put in the bike lane.

      • Tostonesfix says:

        That’s right. The biker-man owns the streets.

        • Woody says:

          Bikers do own the bike lanes so I’m not sure what your point is. Their disregard for others’ safe use of bike lane is part of the problem.

    6. young_man! says:

      Too bad, but I guess it takes a lot of time and effort to get it organizes.

      Another loss to the community due to the anti-science zealots who are opposing the new education center.

      Was a great place to buy moderately priced gifts. Hopefully it will come back better and stronger.

      • Woody says:

        I thought that Upper West Whiners want shoppers to support local businesses, not street vendors who have no roots in the neighborhood.

      • je says:

        Opposition to the new education center is not being led by anti-science zealots. Main concerns are the loss of parkland, disruption to the neighborhood, and immense cost to the taxpayers. Also, the Museum has not been able to cite any educational activities that will take place in the “education” center.

    7. UWS mom says:

      Can’t say I’ll miss this fair. Never liked it displacing the greenmarket for weeks in a row. And every fair was mostly the same old stuff.

    8. Dr. Cary Goodman says:

      No information from City agencies?
      No information from Community Board 7?
      No construction?
      No fair!

      This is how the museum, lobbyists and our City Council member operate.

      If elected I promise to freeze the funding for the museum’s misguided and toxic plan.

    9. Eln says:

      Wow so many angry people! Life is short guys.

      • BillyNYC says:

        I know – come people enjoy while your here. It took me 50years to get we are today here on the UWS and in the beginning it was not fun with all the killings and drugs, but me a few people who are no longer with us (RIP) “Did It”! So come relax enjoy what you have now… peace be with you.

    10. Ellen Kozlowski says:

      What a shame.

    11. K says:

      The congestion argument is laughable. The community board has been trying to get rid of this fair for a while and it looks like they found their latest excuse to cancel a fun, interesting, cute little crafts fair.

    12. Ftan says:

      Too bad. Yes it was congested but it was so good
      Sorry to see it go. Where is the alternate location?
      That leaves us with the Greenmarket at 5 dollars for a tomato. Really!!

    13. Stef says:

      I was very much missing it this year!

    14. Billy Amato chairperson W. 80th St. / Columbus/Amsterdam Avenue says:

      The Westside craft fair was the first of its kind in New York here on the upper Westside in the changing from the old to the new look in the late 60s early 70’s that brought culture that was needed so bad to our neighborhoods, it is not fair how they are being treated today.