la caridad 78

La Caridad on 78th Street and Broadway has satisfied cravings for Chinese and Cuban food and Chinese-Cuban food for decades. Now it’s getting some time on the silver screen — or YouTube at least. The video below by Great Big Story explains how the restaurant began, and has an interview with the last surviving Cuban immigrant in the kitchen.

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    1. Bob Lamm says:

      Great video! I love La Caridad. I well remember when the Upper West Side had many Chinese-Cuban restaurants. I hadn’t realized that this is the last one left.

      • Andrew U. says:

        Hi there Bob! Out of curiousity, do you remember the name(s) of any of the other Chinese-Cuban restaurants?

        • AC says:

          Back in the 60’s / early 70’s, at the NE corner of 82nd street and B’way, at present day CafĂ© 82 and GEOX, there existed a delicious Chino-Cuban Restaurant by the name of Flor de Mayo. It was the original location, prior to relocating to 101 street and subsequently expanding to 83 and Amsterdam. Its managed by 2nd and 3rd generation offspring from the original owners.

          • EricaC says:

            Flor de Mayo is terrific – but I thought they were Peruvian-Chinese? Their food is delicious.

          • Cato says:

            I’m a big fan of Flor de Mayo, have been for many years. But I think (based on menu items) that they are Peruvian in origin, not Cuban.

            • AC says:

              Erica/Cato, yes, I believe you’re right. Their current menu is more Peruvian based, but back then there were plenty of Cubans in the UWS, and their original menu was more Chino-Cuban than Chino-Peruvian. Cubans were a plenty back in the 50’s & 60’s in the UWS. I believe Fidel Castro once visited family on West 82, back in the late 40’s.

    2. Mary says:

      Fascinating! Thank you for posting this.

    3. Katie Bitchman says:

      Great video! Love La Caridad but don’t forget about La Dinastia on 72nd. Almost the same menu!

    4. zeus says:

      Have been eating there for over 30 years.
      Never – ever – have they failed to deliver
      a first rate quality food to the table.
      Their carna guisada has to be the best beef stew in the city.
      The potato alone in this dish is worth the price.

      You go in, sit down, order the best food you
      can order for under $25, and you leave with a smile on your face and a full and happy belly.

      A great eating place, a reminder of what NYC used to be like, and especially the Upper West Side.

      Stay open forever!

    5. Mark says:

      Bad waiters doling out lousy food.
      What could be better?

      • zeus says:

        Time to have a physical check up of your taste buds.
        If the food, as you said, is “lousy”, may I ask what food and other restaurants do you consider to be good?
        And as far as the service is considered – you get your order in less than 5 minutes, and no one bothers you to leave in case you want to stay awhile longer after you’re done eating.
        It may not be a “Four Seasons” look alike, but the food is better and 95% less expensive.

    6. Miriam says:

      Oh, I so miss the Cuban Chinese restaurant on Broadway between 108th & 109th! I had no idea there was even one left. Will have to visit this place. I imagine they don’t deliver this far up..? If they do, I’m ordering today. :p

    7. MQ says:

      What about Dynastia?

    8. Jill S says:

      There is also Flor de Mayo on the UWS but I believe that is Peruvian-Chinese.

    9. Bill Falk says:

      There was one on the East Side of Broadway at about 94th Street. Is it still there??????

    10. Vicky Z says:

      My favorite restaurant ever. Ate there for 25 yrs when I lived on w 75th st.

    11. Adam Greene says:

      Don’t forgot about La Nueva Victoria (95th and Broadway)

    12. Jerry says:

      I suspect that Egg Foo Young is neither Chinese nor Cuban, but most likely an American dish. Whatever! La Caridad’s is the best.

    13. Ken J. says:

      La Caridad is not the last Cuban Chinese restaurant. There is La Nueva Victoria on Broadway and 95th Street.

    14. Ted says:

      I think La Caridad was a missed opportunity for Seinfeld. It is always so amusing when a hapless tourist tries to order a dish with some alteration which unleashes a harangue from the most intimidating waiters in the city. Street theater at its best.

    15. Howard Freeman says:

      I didn’t know the history, though I’ve always enjoyed the food. Awesome.

    16. Simcha Segalowitz says:

      There have been issues with the rating of the restaurant. Does anyone know the current rating? Is it A?

    17. grandmasterbeta says:

      Lung Fung was a great place. It was down on 8th and ~17th. The Rice and beans ruled.

    18. Reynold says:

      La Caridad will eventually expire due to the ongoing removal of unique heritage dishes. If they pander to middle-American tastes, they have no reason to exist. For my money, by far the best reason to visit was the scrambled eggs & bacalao (which is freshened salt cod). They took bacalao off the menu a couple of years ago.