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Joe’s Violin, a short documentary that was nominated for an Oscar, features Joseph Feingold, a Holocaust survivor who lives at The Esplanade on 74th Street and West End Avenue.

It’s a touching story about Feingold’s decision to donate the violin he bought when he lived in a displaced person’s camp after World War II. The director is Kahane Cooperman. You can watch the documentary below. The Oscars air on Sunday night.

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    1. Wendy says:

      Thanks for sharing this. FYI, The Esplanade is now known as 305 West End Avenue. It was sold in the Fall.

    2. lauren flick says:


    3. Joan Menschenfreund says:

      Isn’t this what the world should be about…simple humanity at its best. I so enjoyed this.

    4. Heidi Boyson says:

      Beautiful! Very special people involved, including the organizations, NPR and Mr. Holland’s.

    5. LIS says:

      This is lovely and powerful. Thank you for this moving tribute to the true spirit of New Yorkers.

    6. Jody says:

      And Libby Wildes who lives on 79th St is executive producer of O.J. : Made in America, a feature documentary also nominated.

    7. Bernie613 says:

      Sweet child; sweet old man (may they live and be well). Never went through a box of tissues so quickly. Fascinating that at 6:08 the teacher (or maybe principal) said “Holocaust survivor,” seemingly without a need for explanation. If the kids indeed understood what she meant, the school is educating them about more than music alone. So much of the globe was covered by this beautiful story: Latin America, Poland, Japan, Germany, Russia, Norway, and the U.S. When will we return to our senses about immigration?

    8. Wendy says:

      “Break a leg”. Some of my family of origin suffered during WW2. There was a shop in Central Harlem, which seemed to be a shop re Violas. Shaloha.

    9. Randi Pellmar says:

      What an incredible story.
      Shows the human spirit, compassion and the
      learning that can take place…
      immigrant to immigrant.
      Take a few minutes to see this.

    10. rachel says:

      I’ll have my fingers crossed for its win Sunday night! Great story…(and truly, each story behind each instrument has historical value…)

    11. Chris says:

      thanks so much for this!

    12. Mark says:

      Thank you WSR for sharing this.
      I’ve now forwarded the link to many people and hoping they love the film as much as I did.

    13. Ellie Steinman says:

      Joe’s Violin is an amazing documentary film. I know the film director, Kahane Corn Kooperman and my son worked on the music. It is a must see!!

    14. JAN LEVY says:

      Such a tribute to humanity and the human spirit. Two magnificently beautiful people – simple, warm real, admirable – shining examples of the best of human nature. Hope Joe’s violin is joined by an Oscar. The highlight: when the girl tells Joe:”You never gave up. That’s what you did.” This is a very special young perswon – she will make her mark in the world, and on all who are privileged to know her.

    15. joan says:

      I know this beautiful man Joe Feingold. He wins my Oscar for his incredible life, his modest, but strong voice and and his unshakeable giving spirit.

    16. Ann Vladimir says:

      Beartiful — I will forward this to myfamily and friends.

      Thank you for this very touching story.

    17. Judith says:

      Beautiful! I cried.

    18. Sydney Halet says:


    19. Joanne says:

      What a moving and beautiful antidote to the seemingly endless assaults on our national we’ll-being.
      Thank you.

    20. Bonnie Rice says:

      This is such a heart warming story. Thank you!

    21. John Lipman says:

      That the violin should end up in the hands of a young girl of such intelligence, feeling, love and appreciation of music and history is a wonderful event in itself. What an extraordinary heroine she is and her family and her school and teachers and yes, even WQXR.
      Take that, Donald Trump!

    22. KSF says:

      A wonderful story and film—would that every music student / every violin student in the city could see it and understand the importance of music not only to survival but also as a key to a life worth living. Both the giver of the violin and the young recipient are among those who make the world a better place for all.

    23. Westside_Mimi says:

      So touching! A wonderful story!

    24. Beth Tilton says:

      This film is so inspiring!! More of this!

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    25. Ginger Polisner says:

      a story of two courageous souls who reach each other through the power of music and a violin regardless of age and origin. such a powerful, haunting, inspiring tale.