rockwell sign

Upper West Siders can now say “Meet me at Norman Rockwell Place” as the corner of 103rd street and Broadway has officially been named after the artist.

In a ceremony Thursday, the street-sign was unveiled and students from Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School, who had spearheaded the street naming, celebrated.

Rockwell was born in 1894 in a brownstone at 206 West 103rd street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. He moved uptown when he was 2, and lived in a few other places before moving to New Rochelle when he turned 17. We wrote about Rockwell’s history and the students’ effort in detail last year.


Photos via Councilman Mark Levine.

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    1. jim says:

      I feel so lucky, living in that area, being surrounded by the early (and later) homes of so many artistic legends, from Rockwell to Ellington to Gershwin to Singer to Rachmaninoff. Only on the UWS!!

    2. Hayley says:

      Way to go Norm!

    3. Steven Sussman says:

      Hey Jim,

      Don’t forget Humphrey Bogart on Humphrey Bogart place, 103rd Bway/West End….right across Broadway from Norman!

    4. Now more people won’t know where they live on 103rd St. These street renamings, play havoc with postal, voter registration and building department listings.

    5. Independent says:

      Regarding Humphrey Bogart, I wonder how many people are familiar with any of the radio that he did.

      Thanks to Max Schimd, I enjoyed “Bold Venture”, in which Bogart co-stars with Lauren Bacall, and a silly but fun production of “If Only You Could Cook” (that I can’t find a link to).

      All known 57 episodes of Bold Venture:

    6. Caroline says:

      Always associated with middle west, delighted
      he came from NYC! That famous soda fountain
      scene may have been right here somewhere, though
      I think he headed north.