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A 23-year-old man was shot in the leg around 2 p.m. on Sunday outside 110 West 109th street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. The man was taken to St. Luke’s hospital in stable condition with a wound to his right leg.

Details of the shooting were somewhat sketchy. “A call came in regarding a fight between two groups. Unclear what the motive is yet,” noted Captain Marlon Larin.

Councilman Mark Levine noted that it’s the third shooting in five weeks in that area.

Asked how police should combat the trend, he wrote: “More cops on foot patrol, anti-gang youth outreach workers, more youth development programs in general, community court, more jobs programs, etc.”

Police are seeking help from the public to catch the shooter.

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    1. Albiggety says:

      But…but, but the stats say that crime is down….how could this be???!!! #badolddayzzzz.

    2. UWS mom says:

      What’s with all the shootings in this area over the last month or so? What are the police doing to get a handle on all this? These shootings are right by Booker T Washington middle school which happens to have the biggest honors program for District 3 kids. At first the shootings were at night but this one was in broad daylight!

      • Ali says:

        I’m also wondering if shootings and violent crimes are happening anywhere else on the UWS with reporting focused around this area, or if there just is more here and not in other areas lately.

    3. ManhattanValleyResident says:

      I can’t believe the police said that it is unclear what the motive was. It’s the most notorious drug dealing block in the area. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the drug dealers were involved in the shooting. Whenever something like this happens, the police send around more patrol cars for a few weeks to put up a good show and then it’s back to business as usual. I live on the block and the drug dealing happens in plain sight. If the police wanted to do something about it they could.

    4. AC says:

      Months ago, Comish Bratton, seeing the spike in recent shootings, had requested the hiring of additional cops. Our Mayor has squashed the idea, as the budget would not allow for the extra hiring. If we’re experiencing this in our UWS neighborhood, I can only imagine how bad its gotten in other neighborhoods throughout the city.

    5. C says:

      The increase in shootings across the city and in our neighborhood is alarming. It would be nice to see more cops walking the beat in the 90s and 100s.

    6. Paul RL says:

      It’s getting out of hand. If these guys wish to shoot themselves that’s okay with me, but they are putting innocent adults and children at risk with their disregard for human life. This Mayor and City Council need to stop screwing around with our lives and take action. We need more cops on the street – now.

    7. pjrod830 says:

      The increase in shootings is directly related to the neutering of “stop & frisk”. As long as Comrade de Blasio remains mayor of NYC, expect to see many more of these stories.

      • Wendy says:

        pjrod830, wish it was that easy, but that’s a false assumption. and ridiculous.

        There was a shooting in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 2, and now 2 policemen are stationed there every day after school. Seems the Mayor has wide discretion over where to place police officers. He’s just not doing the right thing here in terms of policing.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          the Mayor has nothing to do with assigning officers for this street corner or that one. street assignments are done at the precinct level. precinct officer counts are done, as far as I know, at the central level.

          the Council is proposing 1,000 more police for the upcoming budget.

          • rich says:

            Congrats Bruce! This is by far your most ignorant comment yet. If Mayor Wilhem wanted cops stationed anywhere, it would happen in a nanosecond.
            Of course typical assignments are made at the precinct level, but if the Mayor “suggests” you can bet it will happen. No questions asked!
            And what good would 1,000 more cops do if they were handicapped by the idiots in the City Council and Mayor. Let them do their jobs as they did during the Bloomberg and Guiliani days.

            • z says:

              Thank you Rich for this reply to
              good old Bruce.

              You saved me the trouble of confronting
              him – again.

              His ignorance and political correctness
              is at the front line of what is wrong
              with our city, before the current mayor
              took office, but mostly after comrade
              was sworn in.

              NYC needs to wake up to the truth.
              As we speak, Baltimore is getting burned
              and looted.
              It won’t be long before it happens
              right here in Gotham.

              And to think that our esteemed mayor is thinking of running for president!

              Please…..he won’t get re-elected
              right here, if Bruce & Co. get their
              senses back in order.

            • Christina says:

              @ z We’ve already gone that road of burning and looting! Black Out 1977, Rodney King backlash 1990’s. Unfortunately, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Not to be too pessimistic but… 🙂

    8. Lewis says:

      You better not do away with the “broken windows” policy or there will be more shootings and more crime.

    9. Tom D says:

      “More cops on foot patrol, anti-gang youth outreach workers, more youth development programs in general, community court, more jobs programs, etc.” Yeah, these are working well now. The only one that may help is more cops. The gangbanging drug dealers are really going to enroll in youth development and minimum wage job programs? Get real

    10. Observer says:

      Drug dealers from 107 W 109th Street. It is obvious what is the cause. That area needs that Police monitoring Spider.

    11. Lisa says:

      There is no doubt in my mind that the increase in shootings is directly related to the kneecapping of the stop and frisk program. Tell the criminals up front that there is a much lower chance of them getting caught and they will take advantage of it. Anyone who argues otherwise is in denial because of their own political bias.

    12. Christina says:

      This all doesn’t surprise me! This has been going on for decades!!!! Lived here on upper west side off and on most of my life. Hopefully one day we’ll see a change but not likely. Ahhh, NYC! Hate to be all pessimistic but…

    13. JIMMY says:

      To ALL the left wingers who voted for Big Bird BLAZ—-you reap what you sow—GOOD LUCK…………GLAD I’M ARMED………..

      • Christina says:

        You’re being a bit ridiculous! Have fun with your army of One. Brings the army slogan ” We Are One” to a whole new level.