field house1
Rendering of field house after renovation.

By Virginia Valerio

The city plans to renovate a field house in Riverside Park at 102nd street to make it available for community events and projects under a design plan created by students at the Parsons School of Design. Construction is expected to start late next month on the plan, which will transform a building that has mostly been used as a storage shed since a fire in the 1970’s, according to Alfred Zollinger, director of the school of constructed environments at Parsons. It’s expected to cost $75,000 to 100,000 and be complete by late August.

The field house will  be redesigned for “multifunctional use” and they expect the interior space of the building to be used for programming during the day and special events at night. The indoor space can hold 74 people. It’s not yet clear what kind of events will be scheduled for the site.

The Parsons group described the project in more detail.

“The scope of the project included the design and fabrication of a public comfort station, sports storage and multi use space within an existing stone shell at 102nd street in Riverside Park. For this project, the Design Workshop team began with the removal of the existing stone infill located in the front colonnade.  This will be replaced with a new storefront glass wall to create a  12-month conditioned space. The existing comfort stations will be removed and replaced with new facilities located in the northern wing of the field house. By removing the unusable comfort station in the south wing, the Design Workshop was able to create sports storage and park facilities which will serve the surrounding park. These renovations, along with new electrical service, Mechanical equipment and plumbing will return the stone pavilion to its originally intended purpose.”

field house2

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    1. robert says:

      “removal of the existing stone infill located in the front colonade. This will be replaced with a new storefront glass wall to create a 12-month conditioned space”
      This can not be seen from most parts of the surounding park. When word gets out that they are storing sports equipment, along with parks dept tools how long do you think it will take before the glass will be smashed and the stuff taken? there is a reason why it was built with small windows and all of stone.

    2. Gevence says:

      Chamber music under blablazios hundreds of tourist helicopters-how is he getting away with ruining the west side?

    3. Mark says:

      Not the safest part of the park for this to happen

      • TFJWM says:

        Umm what are you talking about that part of the park always has people from morning to 10+ at night

    4. Debbie D says:

      God I love the comments section. This project will provide the community with additional space to do… well, anything. Sounds pretty great! Along with the incoming Ellington in the Park at 103rd St inside Riverside Park, seems like a cool addition to the area.

      And 2 comments, one worried about crime and the other blaming the mayor for…?

      I hope I’m being trolled. I really do.

      • SB says:

        Helicopters, I think, but I’m also not sure. And I know! It’s amazing. So many times I read the comments hoping for some gem like this one where the mayor is blamed for something ridiculous like Ebola. DeBlasio created Ebola. Bonus points for making fun of his name.

        • Bruce Bernstein says:

          where do these people come from? I’ve lived on the UWS for 24 years and know many many people. None of them are like this.

          Is there a certain type of person who just sits at home and stews about De Blasio?

    5. Visitor says:

      I love how the renderings have no black people in them. Has the artist been to Riverside Park?

      How is it possible to prepare an illustration like that in 2015?

    6. jsf says:

      Great! This will work well for the community, but it will need the cooperation of the police – without their presence ON FOOT or motorbikes, it may not work. And how about the walkways to and from the space. Instead of using this occasion to dump on DiBlasio, how about using the media to continue to highlight development at this sight and get lots of our citizens to support the project with their presence?

    7. Paul says:

      All those fake people are lounging on my current local basketball court. What is to become of it?