110th westside market
A photo of Westside Market on 110th and Broadway by Jess. The market is open for regular hours Monday and Tuesday.

As we’ve done in past weather emergencies, we’re trying to crowd-source a list of businesses and institutions that are open and closed in the great blizzard of 2015.

We’ll start it off with a few things we’ve hear ad let us know in the comments or in emails to us what you’ve heard or seen.

The Museum of Natural History will be closed Tuesday.

The New York Historical Society will be closed Tuesday.

The parks are closed as of 6 p.m. on Monday and we’ll learn more on Tuesday morning about whether they’ll be open on Tuesday.

Awadh at 2588 Broadway opens at 5 on Tuesday.

Shake Shack on Columbus was closing at 8 on Monday.

Key Food at 90th and Amsterdam was open on Monday night and plans to be open on Wednesday, an employee told us.

Equinox gyms are open.

Cafe Edgar on 91st and Amsterdam is playing it by ear.

Dive 75 on 75th just off Columbus will be open Tuesday night with one of our favorite bartenders making drinks.

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    1. Jimmy G says:

      Thank you, Dive 75. Unfortunately, I’ll be in West Palm Beach this week. Be safe.

    2. UWS-er says:

      JCC is closed Tuesday.

    3. Kristin says:

      Cafe Lalo is open until 10pm tonight!

    4. Brian says:

      Just a few misc. musing: I passed three Starbucks shops (86th/Columbus, 87th/Broadway, 67th/Columbus) and they were all closed, expecting to re-open “when they reasonably can” on Tuesday. The Equinox on 68th/Columbus is open with normal hours tonight and is expected to be open normal hours tomorrow too.

      The Key Food on 86th/Amsterdam is still open now and expects to be open tomorrow as well.

      • ELJ says:

        Although I am a member of the club, I was pretty disappointed when I read the email from Equinox that the clubs would be open normal hours as most of the employees depend on public transportation to get to and from work. How are they supposed to get to work with the transportation situation being what it is until later today? Seems pretty insensitive on management’s part.

        • Kenneth says:

          Clearly you think the world exists by payroll magically appearing in your checking account every so often. Sadly, when you own a business, that’s not how it works. Equinox shifted its staffing so that staff within walking distance of the gym were on duty this morning. By definition, most Jim customers are within walking distance of the gym. Businesses need to delight (not disappoint) their customers. Equinox did just that. There were people attending a 6 AM yoga class at 92nd St. this morning.

          • ELJ says:

            Thank you for the insulting tone, it is sad that people can’t have a difference of opinion without the discourse turning nasty. My perspective is based on working many years for a Fortune 500 company that would, in the extremely rare instance of a shutdown of public transportation and road closures, send home both salaried and hourly employees home early and paid the hourly workers for the scheduled hours that they missed. Surprisingly, despite this crazy benevolence the company has exceeded analysts earning estimates and paid the shareholders dividends every quarter for the past several years.

            • Thank you for sticking up for your opinion. Skip Yoga and enjoy the not-so-blizzardy day!! Guess Equinox (and their Snarky manager), was going to make their employees sleep in the locker room to be sure they were there for the customers who couldn’t stand a moment of down time.

            • Kenneth says:

              You are quite welcome ELJ, however my tone was not insulting. You spent too much time in that Fortune 500 cocoon and it is clear that you have never owned a small business. Most businesses that directly service customers were open today. Who was closed today? The Post office. Nuff said.

            • Bootes says:

              I have no idea what Kenneth is talking about, I walked down Broadway around 11am and almost everything was closed. The only places open were places you’d expect to be open at midnight on a weekday (Duane Reade, Fairway, McDonalds). The JCC being closed was an inconvenience to me, but I understand that they’re employees may not live around the corner from the building and have trouble getting to work.

              Anyway, California Pizza Kitchen, in Westchester, loves to send me emails during days like Tuesday (which they did) telling me about how they’re open. It makes me not want to give them my business in general. Just something I’ve thought about in the past that reminded me of this.

        • RalphCat says:

          I was at the 76th St Equinox on Tuesday and wondered how the staff got in to work. I was told by the front desk staff that they either lived within walking distance or were put up by Equinox in a nearby hotel. Which I think is perfectly acceptable, and in no way insensitive.

          When I worked for an hourly wage, I would have happily gone to work in Tuesdays conditions if I lived close by. I would have been more peeved about missing a shift then having to sleep in a hotel or trek to work along snowy streets.

    5. lee seinfeld says:

      Dive Bar 96 & Amsterdam
      Broadway Dive 101 & Broadway

    6. chrissy says:

      trader joe’s on 72nd closed at 6pm monday and will only open tomorrow (tuesday) if MTA is running (source: my boyfriend works there)

    7. Harlem-UWS says:

      USPS on 68th and Columbus was the first business closed. Rain, nor sleet, nor snow?

      • truedrue says:

        Yes, lol. I had the same question about their slogan. As I recall, they closed around 1pm today (Monday).

        • Independent says:

          I doubt there are too many post offices where all of the employees live within walking distance.

      • Leesa says:

        They should change their slogan to: “Neither rain, nor sleet or snow…unless it’s slightly inconvenient.”

        What I wanna know is: exactly what drugs were all the weather people taking? There’s only a few inches of snow around here.

        • Jake says:

          Hey! I wish I had a dollar for every storm that was predicted and then never really happened! I could retire! Here we go again. I wonder how many people rearranged schedules and lives because of the dire predictions, only to find that a lot of it was unnecessary! Hang in there, folks!

    8. FUN!!!….will be open all day tomorrow!

    9. joiedevie says:

      NY sports club at Bway and 94th might open tmw at 2. Call first.

    10. Claire says:

      Mobil Gas Station on 96th @ WEA is closed right now. Usually open 24 hrs.

    11. Kate says:

      Broadway Farm on 85 and Broadway is open and staying open

    12. AngelaH says:

      Awadh on Broadway/98th open till 10pm tonight.

    13. JJ says:

      Fairway announced they were closing at 7PM Monday night which was greeted by loud applause from the employees.

    14. yoyomama says:

      Good roundup. Bin 71 was also open tonight.

      But can anyone give a good reason why De Blasio closed freakin’ Central Park?

      That blows my mind!

      • Independent says:

        “But can anyone give a good reason why De Blasio closed freakin’ Central Park?”

        Too difficult, if not impossible, to patrol properly/ respond to any emergencies that may occur?

        I would think that as long as a municipal park remains open, the city is responsible for at least a certain minimal level of continouous, “real-time” maintenance and supervision. At a time like this, all resources surely must be available to deal with the weather conditions and related challenges.

        (Not that I have any interest in defending our Mayor, mind you. This is a man whose championing of degeneracy surpasses even that of his predecessors. (All of whom, in whitewashing and effectively promoting an inordinately disease-promoting act, have sacrificed public health on the altar of political correctness and expediency.) A man who shows deference and respect to an incendiary demagogue like Al Sharpton, inviting him to be present as a guest-of-honor at a police conference, etc., etc. I could go on but doing so would be off-topic here.)

        • robert says:

          Its not for public safety. Its so you can’t sue the city if your get hurt sledding and/or slip and fall. The odds on your getting hit by a falling branch are far lower than being hit by lighting. For years and years of much worse than what was predicted the city kept moving we just sucked it up.Now we have a gov nanny, gov knows best Mayor. We have to just put our shoulders into the wind and be New Yorkers.
          New Yorkers of old are weeping for our lack of toughness.

          • Independent says:

            Okay, all that could be true.

            But let me ask you this: You do realize who actually foots the bill for anything that “The City” pays for, don’t you?

            Whatever expenses “The City” bears for lawsuits brought against it, come directly from us, the taxpayers.

        • UWS-er says:

          “I could go on but doing so would be off-topic here.” Uh, bit too late there, guy.

      • Independent says:

        Since posting my previous comment, I have read an earlier post that noted the danger of falling tree limbs in the parks:

        I wonder if there will be any closed-off streets where sledding and otherwise playing in the snow will be safe. Even if there will be no other vehicles in the streets, I would think that snow-plowers alone would make most streets unsafe to play in.

    15. Judy Harris says:

      Park is definitely closed Tuesday. It is closed because the weight of the snow causes tree limbs to fall, and the park doesn’t want to be sued by people killed or injured by falling branches.

      • ML says:

        Parks are indeed still officially closed, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people (and their dogs) from romping around Central Park this morning. I’m no expert on trees, but the amount collected on the branches didn’t seem to be particularly dangerous.

        • yoyomama says:

          So the Mayor was trying to protect us from TREES? In a park? That’s even more insane. (Apologies to insane people.)

          This (cough) “storm” was NOT like the one in October 2011 when all the leaves were still on the trees and the extra heft did cause a lot of breakage. 2015: sturdy bald trees + snow + wind = not a public health hazard. Hello. It’s winter.

    16. DMH says:

      Viand Cafe is a neighborhood stalwart – pretty much always open! The Meatball Shop closed early last night but ran a two-for-one special on hot buttered rum.

    17. james says:

      Gray’s Papaya is open. Duane Reade at 72nd and Broadway is open.

    18. L.B says:

      TARALLUCCI e VINO 83 St And Columbus just open

    19. Felicia M. says:

      Trader Joe – closed today
      Fairway – open by (hopefully) 11a

      • Tom D says:

        Fairway may be open but very likely lacking in many things you want to buy. For example, I got there at 8 AM yesterday, hoping to beat the crowds. I beat them but there was no meat or seafood. They were saying it would be here by 9. So don’t bet on too much availability

    20. Jennifer garetano says:

      Big Daddy’s on 91st is open!!

    21. Haila says:

      Cafe Noi on Amsterdam between 78 & 79 is open Tuesday.

    22. Bookseller says:

      All three Book Culture locations are planning on opening today!

    23. Gracie says:

      Mani’s Marketplace on 94th and Columbus is open regular hours Tuesday.

    24. mike says:

      West Side Y is closed Tuesday.

    25. Franzi says:

      I don’t know why some people need to bring politics into everything! I’d like to commend one of the employees here at the Williams Residence for Seniors. Tyrone walked all the way from 147th St. & 8th Ave. to 95th and West End to come in to work in our dining room, and he was cheerful about it!

    26. Barbara Adler says:

      The JCC was closed this morning (and all day), after I schlepped in the snow to go work out.

      • UWS-er says:

        Yeah, they announced that last night (and I posted it here last night)….

      • Cato says:

        The JCC sent an email last evening that they would be closed today (Tuesday).

        Posting # 2 above, before 8:00 pm last night, told us that “JCC is closed Tuesday.”

        The JCC’s plan to close today was well publicized. Especially given all the other closings everywhere around us, perhaps you should have asked before “schlep[ing] in the snow” to the JCC.

        • Bob says:

          Even apart from all the publicity–I, too, received the JCC e-mail that they’d be closed–how could anyone go ANYWHERE like that today without checking first???

    27. Nicole says:

      Gastronomie 491 was open until 6:00 pm on Monday night.
      Closed Tuesday and back to regular hours Wednesday.

    28. Eric says:

      Crunch Gym (w83rd st) is open