Winter Storm Juno may have been somewhat less dramatic than meteorologists predicted, but it sure made for some gorgeous photos. We’ve posted about 50 of them below! Thanks so much to everyone who sent them in.

It started with long lines at the grocery stores…

Trader Joe’s on 72nd, with a line around the block. Photo by Rebecca Frey.

Once the snow started on Monday, it was hard to see very far, but what you could see was beautiful:

The four photos below in Central Park are by Cindy Stern:

park3low shovellow cyclelow park8low

Photo by Katy Eppley on 74th street. That’s the San Remo in the background.

Photo by Joan Paylo at 104th and Riverside at 3:30 on Monday. “West Side Highway obscured and crawling.”

Photo by R. Schmunk on 112th and Broadway.

“The beginnings of Juno” on West 81st street. Photo by Ellen Cohen.

The next three photos are by Constanze Doerr.

juno31 juno32 juno33

103rd and Broadway, by Kris Wolff.

Snow Cycling on Broadway
Photo by Bob Lejeune on Broadway.

Photo by Jodi in Riverside Park.

Eleanor Roosevelt statue in Riverside at 72nd street, also by Jodi.

Photo by Elizabeth on 89th near Columbus.

Photo by Jodi.

Several people told us the snowflakes looked like stars:

Photo courtesy of Maria (the photo was taken in Staten Island).

Photo by Rachel, who says it looks like “falls like star-shaped confetti, making paw prints look like party prints!”

Photo by Sharon Schanzer at 90th and Columbus. “That’s one determined gyro guy.”

Photo by triplec64.

At night, there was a break in the snow, and some people went sledding or took the dogs for a walk.

Photo by Jon Papish, with his dog Moki.

Photo by John Friedlander in Riverside Park. “Riverside Park busy tonight: dozens sledding, many runners w/ dogs, lots xcountry skiers.”

Photo by Matthew Hemingway outside the Ansonia.

Photo by Avi on 91st street near Broadway.

Photo by Jeff of a tough delivery guy.

The West 60’s were also quiet on Monday night. Next three photos by Lucien Desar:

juno9 juno10 juno11

And two by Michael Vooss:

juno36 juno37

A “snow flower” in the courtyard at 711 Amsterdam Avenue. Photo by Rebecca.

Photos by Arif at 79th and Broadway at 1 a.m. and then 8 a.m.

Blizzard of 2015 - 1AM 79-Bway
Blizzard of 2015 - 8AM 79-Bway

Tuesday morning, Upper West Siders awoke to a winter wonderland, nice and snowy but not nearly as dramatic as expected.

Dawn on 108th near Broadway, by Devyn.

Photo by Patricia on “Broadway at 67th looking south to Columbus Circle at 8:00 a.m.”

Clear and quiet Tuesday morning on 96th and Broadway. Westside Market and Dunkin Donuts were open. The workers never went home. “Workers said they hadn’t gone home. Slept in the store,” writes Anya Stiglitz.

Photo by Lance on West 78th street next to the Museum of Natural History.

Photo by James O’Melia at the Lake in Central Park.

juno50Photo by ebdoherty in Central Park.

Photo by Michael Vooss on 71st and Columbus.

Photo by Patricia at 68th and Broadway. (Snowman by her super.)

Photo by Laura.

The next two photos are by MJ Kaplan of Riverside Park and the Hudson River. Click to enlarge.



Photo by Avi at “Suicide Hill” on 91st in Riverside Park.

Photo by Amelia Gerwitz in Central Park around 95th.

One dog was clearly unimpressed with this snowman in Riverside Park. Everyone’s a critic on the Upper West Side!

Photo by Roger in Riverside Park.

Photo by Amy in Central Park at 99th.

Photo by Elizabeth on the Columbia campus.

Photo by Bruce Barnard at 105th and Amsterdam.

Photo by Barbara Migdal.

Photo by Tarik O’Regan in Riverside Park.

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    1. Rodger Lodger says:

      The shutdown of the city is ridiculous. If you look out your window you’ll see this was your basic 5 – 10″ snow, if that. Tried several newsstands — no NYTimes. And of course was not delivered to my building. This is nuts. Fairway looked like an earthquake had hit it, but that’s probably because of panic shopping (gotta keep up one’s blood sugar level, you know). Nobody likes old farts who say “when I was a boy”, but in this instance that’s a valid (invidious) comparison. As for the mayor, who predicted the end of the world, maybe not his fault — or else he’s relying on the same “advisor” who told him to stick tight with the good reverend. Reminds me of the Boston lockdown after the marathon bombing — our leaders care most of all about safety: their own.

      • Joe Rappaport says:

        I think your criticism is misplaced. New York City didn’t get hit hard this time, but that’s because weather prediction isn’t perfect. Long Island and New England are getting everything they expected, and it made sense for city and state elected officials here to plan for the worse, since it does happen. There were grave warnings before Hurricane Sandy, and they turned out to be justified. Better safe than sorry, a cliche, actually is a good guide.

      • Sean says:

        The New York Times is available online. Nobody but an old fart goes out to buy the paper.

      • Independent says:

        Mr. Lodger,

        “Nobody likes old farts who say “when I was a boy””

        Unlike you, Mr. Lodger, I will not presume to speak for ‘everyone’. But I can tell you that I, along with many people I know, /do/ enjoy hearing accounts of times past from our elders. What we certainly do /not/ enjoy are obnoxious individuals who insult their elders with ugly and vulgar names. I can only wonder how you will look back upon such impudence as you have exhibited here when one day, should you live long enough, you will find yourself “old”.

        As far as the rest of your post, I am inclined to agree with what Joe Rappaport wrote in his reply. (Though I certainly share your contempt for the Mayor, his groveling to the hustler Al “incite & libel” Sharpton being only one of many reasons.)

        Have a nice day.

      • zeus says:

        Hang in there Rodger.
        I am with you 99%.
        The 1 percent is not being able to buy the NY Times.
        Better you don’t hand that radical left wing rag your money anyway.
        And your comment on the ex fat man the Wrong Rev. hate racist machine Sharpton is right on the mark.

      • jz says:

        Negative and a bit nasty. Unwarranted.

    2. blogenfreude says:

      This is an overreaction to 2010, when Bloomberg and Company were utterly unprepared.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy bread and milk in advance of the next Snowpocalypse.

    3. Independent says:

      How can you know the dog was “unimpressed” by the snowman?

      Canines often have very different ways of showing appreciation than we humans.

    4. Jean says:

      Thank you for the photo sharing. Great photos.
      Still live in NYC but now, for almost 30 years, on the other isle of Staten.

    5. Lucien Desar says:

      Great photos! What filter did Bruce Barnard use for his 105th and Amsterdam photo? That looks so cool.

    6. Joan Gondola says:

      There are some exquisite photos in the grouping. Applauds to all those who participated.

    7. carole says:

      LOVe these

    8. upperwestsideguy says:

      Thank all of you for the great pictures…..

    9. Jaime says:

      I haven’t lived in NYC for a ver long time, but
      these photos brought back all of the joy, beauty,
      and mystery of the city. Thank you.