cat tree

Someone created this mini-masterpiece on a tree in Riverside park at 105th street. It’s pretty damn special, and thus wins our unofficial “most clever use of snow” award. Anonymous sculptor, come forth and reveal yourself!

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Photo by nycmaggie, who speculated that the anonymous sculptor may have been the person behind the gruesome “pumpkin giving birth” we wrote about last year. (Don’t click if you’re squeamish!)

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    1. Amanda says:

      I saw the woman doing this on a tree on 103rd on Tues. So creative!

    2. Margot says:

      I loved it to, and had photographed it as well and sent my photo to newspix.1. I spoke with the creator who is an artist. Her first name is Listra,(last name I think was maybe Calhon, or Calhan, perhaps.)