snow feb 13
A skier surveys the terrain at Broadway and 91st street in 2013. Photo by Andrew Weber.

Snow-mageddon is upon us, and we hope you stocked up on water, flashlights, medicines, guacamole and other essential items. We all know that Upper West Siders love to hoard food when bad weather approaches. (In all seriousness, here’s what the city says should be in your Go Bag and Emergency Supply Kit.)

UPDATE, Monday at 1 p.m.: Schools will be closed Tuesday and subway service will be limited after 7 p.m. Monday. And all non-emergency vehicles have to be off the roads as of 11 p.m.

The snowstorm is expected to start around midday Monday and could dump up to three feet of snow on the city, and winds could hit 65 mph. So try to stay inside once things get going.

Here are a few things to keep in mind (the info below is from early Monday morning and may have since been updated):

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    1. Christine E says:

      Everyone please remember to stay out of Central and Riverside Parks until the Parks Dept declares it safe! Heavy snow and ice can cause trees and branches to fall, sometimes with deadly results.

    2. yoyomama says:

      Aside from the elderly, I honestly can’t understand why Manhattanites go into a panic over snow. Snow in the city is harmless. We’re not in avalanche territory here.

      Be practical: dress for it. And stay out of your car until the streets are plowed (and/or if you have no experience driving in it).

    3. Brad says:

      I don’t understand why people panic and make this much bigger than it is. If you want a real snow storm then you should seen how snow storms were all the years before 2000. I personally don’t meteorologists these days they are not accurate like the old ones before. If your going to walk in the storm people just use common sense thats all.

      • Sassie Lou says:

        Thank you. Stay inside…and/or then go outside and shovel…or just stay the fuck inside.

        No big whoop.

        Also…can businesses please just close for ONE friggin day. Civilization will not fall because people can’t get their laundry or go to Trader Joes.

        • Upper West Side Wally says:

          Unnecessary language, but I’m glad you can afford to stay inside and/or not get paid.

          • Independent says:

            Thanks, Wally for calling-out the gratuitous profanity. Glad to see I’m not the only one left who bristles at such.

          • Independent says:

            And also for pointing-out that many people don’t have the luxury of staying-in.

        • Independent says:

          I already responded to your language, tone and attitude through my replies to Wally.

          Now I want to comment on your suggestion that businesses remain closed.

          In the case of a business where getting to and from work would be a considerable hardship for the employees and whatever hardship others would have to endure because the business would be closed would be relatively minimal, then I would agree that the right thing for such a business would be to remain closed for up to a day or two (or, alternatively, operate with only those employees who can safely commute with minimal hardship).

      • Cyrus says:

        Right on, Brad. But you forgot “and get off my lawn!”

    4. Sassy Lou says:

      Up to 2 ft. Wow – Not impressed. It will be windy and cold yes..but this is completely over-hyped.

      When I see what Buffalo had a few weeks ago in NYC..like 1995 storm….then I will call it a big one!

      2 ft..don’t me laugh.

      Until then….Get those apocolypse grocery supplies!!!

    5. Adam D says:

      Check out this awesome news coverage of the last big blizzard (the infamous Blizzard of ’96) right at the intersection of 72nd & Broadway. Neighbors skiing and complaining about Time Warner Cable (some things never change!).


    6. Kirsten Lindberg says:

      Yeah, that is me skiing.