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A bird of prey surveys Riverside Park. Photo by Scott Matthews.

An entrepreneurial local podiatrist, some feisty tenants and the lovely and talented Dianne Wiest all made our weekly bulletin of Upper West Side stories published in other outlets.

An Upper West Side podiatrist purchased the domain name marijuana.nyc for$60,000. “Marijuana.nyc was bought by Upper West Side resident and podiatrist Bruce Pinker. Others purchased weed.nyc, pot.nyc and cannabis.nyc, which sold for a combined $13,516. ‘All I can say right now is that legalization of recreational marijuana is a ‘no brainer’ for New York state, as well as most of the 50 states,’ said Dr. Pinker.” Frankly, a little marijuana could make a trip to the foot doctor a lot more appealing. (Crain’s)

Tenants in one Mitchell-Lama building are fighting a plan to raise their rents. “‘It’s crazy,’ said Tom Ricciardi, a 71-year-old veteran and member of the tenant association at the 12-story, 120-unit Independence House. ‘The majority of the tenants in the building are seniors with limited income.'” (Daily News)

Arlene Simon, who has run Landmarks West for decades, stepped down from her active role on January 1, but will remain non-executive chairman. She’s a pioneer in historic preservation and has always been known for her tenacity. (Wall Street Journal, subscription reqd)

Attorney Fred Oberlander got in trouble for allegedly leaving his dog in the car while dining at a sushi restaurant on 72nd street. He was charged with “willfully and intentionally endangering the life of his mixed-breed pet, Pebbles. On Wednesday night, Oberlander and his fiancée were dining at a West 72nd Street eatery when he received a call from police telling him that a citizen reported that his dog was dead in his Mercedes. The couple ran to the car and found seven officers surrounding his vehicle with Pebbles inside, alive and well.” The Post says he’s expected to contest the charges. (NY Post)

A school therapist is suing PS 333. (NY Daily News)

PS 191 got a new $900,000 multimedia lab. (DNAinfo)

Dianne Wiest, the Oscar-winning actress from Hannah and Her Sisters and many other movies, is having trouble making rent. She has lived on the Upper West Side for years, and is believed to stil live here. “Ms. Wiest said that she finds it difficult to find enough work to pay her rent. ‘I have to move out of my apartment soon,’ she said.” (NY Times and NY Post)

A custody battle involving an ex-executive at Lehman Brothers has gotten nasty, with the wife filing a complaint against the husband three weeks after the incident for allegedly abusing their son. He surrendered to police at the 20th precinct. “David Milberg’s lawyer says this is just another attempt by his client’s vengeful wife to score points in Family Court, where the two are locked in a fight over finances and custody.” (NY Post)

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    1. Wendy says:

      Sorry to hear that about Dianne Wiest, but she should be getting plenty of residuals from all the repeats of “Law & Order” that she starred in…so unless she’s paying an exorbitant fee for an apt., something doesn’t make sense. She’s also acting on stage right now, maybe at the Public Theatre?

      • em says:

        Residuals diminish year after year. Greatly. She hasn’t had a big money-making gig in years. Theater does not pay very well. The statements made above by the other poster were quite naive. Try making a living in the theatre and movies, then not so much, and the economy going south and trying to live a life … Stuff happens. Not just to us little people. Just because one has shiny awards and a fabulous page on iMDB doesn’t make one immune to life. I feel for Dianne. She isn’t alone, she’s just a lone voice.

    2. Zeus says:

      Seven police officers for a dog left in a car?
      Obviously it is easier to deal with a dog than with criminals robbing people on the street.
      Wake up UWSideros and smell the stench that is happening all over the city since comrade mayor di blas and his crony, fat man wanna be skinny sharp weighs a ton, are running the show.

    3. ken says:

      It’s been a rough year for the actress, but at least she has her millions of dollars to ease the pain. 66-year-old Dianne Wiest has taken the No. 1 spot on People With Money’s top 10 highest-paid actresses for 2015 with an estimated $46 million in combined earnings.


      • ELJ says:

        I hope you posted this as a joke. It appeared to be a ridiculous statement and if anyone clicks on the link, they will see a statement that the story is false and that the People section of the website is meant to be a parody.

        • OhStop says:

          Regardless, I rank her complaint right up there with a Lady Who Lunches complaining that the Plaza TeaRoom cucumber sandwiches were a little soggy. Get a grip, lady.