Do you need affordable housing? Of course you do! One way to get started on your (impossible) quest is to check out the West Side Tenant’s Conference this Saturday at Fordham Law School on West 62nd street, where smart people will be dishing knowledge for free. And there will be free lunch and breakfast. If you can’t find affordable housing, affordable food is good too.

tenants conf

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    1. Bruce Bernstein says:

      thank you WSR for publicizing this. i hope the content gets some coverage. these are important voices.

    2. Walter Jacobsen says:

      Please define “affordable”.

    3. Terence says:

      Thank you WER for getting the word out this is such an important issue.. I hope the answer to the following important questions are answered, “What happens to the tenants that are nearing the end of the 20/80 program? Once the 20 years of tenanancy is up must the tenant vacate, does the tenant stay beyond and begin to pay rent increases by the board guidelines or does the rent go up to full market rate to wit pricing out the tenant of the apartment whom has occupied it for 20 years?? If the latter, so many would be left homeless is there a contingency to provide further housing assistance to those aging out of the 20/80 program?