On the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, we’re running a collection of photos from the hurricane. We never saw these when they were first sent to us, because of an email glitch. But we’ve since recovered them. Thanks to everyone who sent them in!

sandy pics11
Photo by Kate at 101st street and Central Park West.

sandy pics13
The docks in Riverside Park. Photo by Gavan Vogler.

sandy pics10
Photo by Amy Aglar near 81st and Columbus.

sandy pics1
Photo by Lynn Austin outside the Museum of Natural History.

sandy pics2
Book vendor on 79th street and Broadway after the storm. Photo by Judy Zabar.

sandy pics12
Photo by Mike Mason on West 87th street.

sandy pics3
Photo by Alison.

sandy pics4
Photo by Sheryl Fox at 69th and Columbus.

sandy pics6
Photo by Rebecca Soffer of Ehrlich’s awning on 70th and Amsterdam.

sandy pics5
Photo by Rebecca Soffer of the streetlight at 71st and Broadway.

sandy pics7
Photo by Marco B. at 95th and Amsterdam.

sandy pics8
Photo by Victoria Kabak at 88th between Broadway and Amsterdam.

sandy pics9
Photo by Denton in Riverside Park around 74th street.

Check out the gallery we put up when the storm first hit, and these shots of Central Park when it reopened.

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    1. Eli says:

      I still miss those beautiful, old trees in Theodore Roosevelt park by the AMNH!

    2. Jean says:

      My old apartment building at 215 w. 88th st!