jennifer closing

We’ve got news on several new Upper West Side restaurants and shops, and others that have recently closed.

Jennifer Convertibles on Broadway between 89th and 90th street is closing with a 30-70% off sale. Thanks to Emily for the photo.

joe coffee3

Joe Coffee has opened in the former home of Bomboloni on Columbus between 68th and 69th street. “It’s pleasant and cozy inside with good looking baked goods as well,” Lauren tells us.

shoe club

The Shoe Club on 98th and Broadway has been having clearance sales for weeks and a “for rent” sign recently went up on the window. We tried to confirm the closing, but they haven’t been picking up their phone. Here’s the listing for the space. Thanks to Lisa Bergtraum for the tip and photo.


Whispers, a new American & Latin restaurant and bar, has opened at 210 West 94th street, the former home of Indian restaurant Tandoori. As we reported earlier, they had wanted to stay open until 4 a.m., but got permission to open until 2. Thanks to Ben and Celeste for the tips.

capital one5

That new bank we heard about on 94th and Broadway is going to be a Capital One. And, as you can see in the photo, it’s got a lovely view of the TD Bank across the street. Thanks to Paul and Aris Dervis for the tips, and Aris for this photo.

Amy tells us that three stores between 98th and 10th street on Broadway have closed recently:

pet health4

The Pet Health Store has moved into its new home at 483 Amsterdam Avenue (83rd street) after losing its lease on 81st and Amsterdam.


Make Meaning, the make-your-own creative project store on 75th and Columbus, has closed, and is directing people to its Upper East Side store. Thanks to Melissa for the tip.


Bankstreet Bookstore has already begun putting up signs at its new location on Broadway and 107th street. The new spot is set to open in March 2015. The school decided not to renew its lease on 112th street (where it is still open for now) because it had become too expensive. Thanks to Loren for the tip.


Cosmetics store bluemercury has opened on 92nd and Broadway in the former home of K&S Deli. We first wrote about it here.

Thanks to all our tipsters, and sorry if we forget to mention anyone. Keep sending in tips and photos!

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    1. David Collins says:

      Finally a place to get a decent cup of coffee!

    2. Ferguson says:

      everything is closed. everything.

    3. Mark says:

      More yuppie junk

    4. Young Sally says:

      Jennifer was empty when I left for work this AM. That was pretty fast from grand closing sale to actually closed.

    5. Paul RL says:

      Bummer on Szechuan 98’s closing. We had been ordering from there since it reopened and I thought the food was excellent. Although I can’t speak for the pig throat and duck blood dishes.

      • ursus arctos says:

        There’s something very strange about the neighborhood’s perceived inability to support sit down Chinese restaurants.

        Obviously, the demographics have changed somewhat from the heyday of Empire Szechuan and No Menus!, but I tend to think that commercial rents are a bigger factor.

        • Christine E says:

          It also could be the Dept of Health ratings introduced a few years back, and the cost of compliance.

          • Paul RL says:

            I agree with both of you, Christine and Ursus. Funny thing is, when Szechuan 98 opened, it did nothing to make itself look like anything but a place that was about to close again. It left up a tattered, ghost-lettered awning, and looked rather gloomy inside. But I thought the food was far better than the run-of-the-mill UWS Chinese that I normally suffer through.

            • ursus arctos says:

              Very much so.

              They also had the same people taking orders by phone. The whole thing seemed like a ruse, but the food definitely changed and became more interesting.

          • webot says:

            Agree. While nice in theory, the Rating of the ratings is arbitrary and capricious. Also used as a shakedown and revenue stream for the City.

            Another example of the city government working against small businesses. But, just blame the landlords, so much easier.

      • Jeff says:

        The consensus on Chowhound has been that Szechuan Gourmet 98 went downhill quickly after showing early promise, but that Szechuan Gourmet 105 remains very good.

    6. Bruce Bernstein says:

      re: Chinese restaurants on the UWS:

      “It also could be the Dept of Health ratings introduced a few years back, and the cost of compliance.”

      First of all, I am glad the ratings are up there. And this is obviously a poor theory, because Chinese retaurants stay open in other areas.

      And there are plenty of Chinese restaurants on Amsterdam.

      I used to love Hunan Balcony and ate there regularly. It was usually crowded. When the new place opened (“Szechuan 98”), I went in there once and I was literally the only one in there. There was no more Sushi bar. And the food had become much more expensive. So I did not go back.

      I was told it was the same owners and at least some of the personnel were the same.

      Hunan Balcony had been there for a long long time.

      • WombatNYC says:

        I liked Hunam Balcont as well. It was a fun, old school western chinese. Great spicey mustard, weird fruitty drinks and a family atmosphere. When they reopened all the classic pics were taken off the wall ( The owner had pics of him with famous actors and politicians) – The removed the guts and never recovered

    7. Amy says:

      Shoe Club is officially closed now. That particular stretch of Broadway is looking pretty desolate.

    8. Lucien Desar says:

      Joe’s Coffee is great, less if a line than Starbucks and it tastes better. However, the cost is far flung- $3 for a large.

    9. Susan says:

      Hunan Balcony was in existence for quite a while. It briefly became Szechuan Gourmet 98 and then Szechuan Taste before it quickly closed.The people at Szechuan Gourmet 105 which just became Szechuan Garden said that a Vietnamese restaurant was going to open at 98th Street.

    10. beverly says:

      went by shoe club yesterday and it was empty and shuttered.