The New York City Marathon is this Sunday and there will be street closures and towings all weekend. So read up!

Click to enlarge. You can also click here for a full citywide list.

marathon closure1

marathon closure2


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    1. ICUDoc says:

      The marathon should just go away. It makes life miserable for the people who live on the upper west side for the entire weekend. You have to plan to be away. or to pay an exorbitant amount to park your car for the weekend and stay in your apartment. Going to the gym? Better bring your ID. Last year I spent 20 minutes convincing an idiot NYPD officer to let me go 20 feet past the check point into my apartment building because I did not have ID with me when I went out (they were not there when I left). IDIOTIC. Then all those idiots in blankets after the race clogging up the neighborhood. Just kill the race once and for all…..

      • Bill says:

        Feel entitled much? And to use your word choice … what IDIOT goes out into the streets of NYC without an ID? When you’re mugged and knifed or run over by a car, how will we know who you are?

      • 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

        Please stop your vile complaining about the marathon. The NYC Marathon is a positive, upbeat event. It brings the entire city together, which is a refreshing change from politicians trying to pit one group against another.

        Perhaps you should go out for a run once in a while. It might improve your mood.

      • Christina says:

        Cars should just go away for the weekend! And maybe you should plan the same for next year! This is a pedestrian city and this weekend will belong to the runners! Yay! Good for them!

      • Cyrus says:

        ICUDoc, I live in the upper west side and the marathon doesn’t make my life miserable. In fact, it enriches it. Perhaps you’re the one who should just go away

    2. Lucien Desar says:

      Well that will be one day we wont have to worry about getting hit by a speeding cyclist or crazy cab drivers! WIN!

    3. Lisa says:

      Street Closure Information above states that Broadway will be closed to traffic Columbus Circle to 65th Street.

      I do not recall this closure in the past – is this new?

      Closure on Broadway in that area sounds like a major problem for people who rely on bus transit, who cannot manage subway.

    4. Chris says:

      NY does not have a photo I’d law last I checked. I wll stand up for my civil rights on west 62nd street tomorrow

      • Nancy says:

        Why don’t you stand up for something that really matters? How ridiculous that people would complain about any aspect of this iconic race. Do you realize that this is a dream come true for many…a waitress in rural Florida who saves her tips to pay for travel, the runner whose effort is in memory or on behalf of a loved one, the elite runner who looks forward to this race every year? And the list goes on. I wish all 50,000 runners a great day and hope their fans and family enjoy their time in our city.

    5. Chris says:

      With the police state in full force this morning. Towing cars from West 62nd street right now and oh the street was not posted no parking this weekend. The 10 foot fences are up on CPW and at this time we have more cops on the street then runners. With this expenditure the city will not make a dime no matter what they say. So the tax payers loss again.

      • G Gomez says:

        Fascinating set of unsupported assertions there, Chris. Among other things, where do you get your assertion that more cops will be working than people running the marathon? About 50,000 people run the NYC marathon. According to wikipedia, NYC has about 35,000 police officers.

    6. stuart says:

      Came back into Manhattan around 5pm on Sunday and trying to find a parking space in the neighborhood so my wife kids can go home with the groceries. On West 75 between Amsterdam and Broadway, there were signs that said no parking for both Saturday and Sunday, but cars were parked and had signs in their windows giving them dispensation, and no parking tickets on the windshield. (that poster from the Marathon at the top of this article does not state that there’s no parking on this particular street.) There were two cops hanging out by the side entrance to the Beacon Theater, so I asked if it was now ok to park. They told me that just because I asked, they were going to give me a summons. They said the marathon isn’t over until the last runner crosses the finish line. So when the last runner finishes, are all cops sent the message by 2-way radio? Of course not – they were just being evil. So off I went in search of another parking spot, and I called the local precinct, who said they were too busy to take my complaint or offer an opinion as to whether these two cops were correct that there was still no parking on that block, or if they were within their right ot summons me because I asked a question. I have nothing against the runners, and gave subway directions to forign runners on Friday. But, it seems that our neighborhood has more events with street closures happening than other neighborhoods. Maybe one year they will run the marathon backwards, and the event can end in Staten Island…

      • stuart says:

        correction – the other cars did NOT have signs in their windows allowing them to park.

      • G Gomez says:

        The upper east side has FAR more closures for the marathon than the upper west side, in case you didn’t notice.

      • Christina says:

        That’s the price you pay for having a car in the city. Put in garage until all quiets down.

        • stuart says:

          5pm on Sunday was enough time for the neighborhood to quiet down. And the behavior of the cops I encountered was ok in your opinion too?