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They’re laughing at you, not with you.

Tina Fey recently joined Jerry Seinfeld on an episode of his web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

At about the 2:40 mark of the video below, she comes clean on what she really thinks of her neighbors on the Upper West side, where she has lived for several years.

“If you walk around the Upper West Side, you will never ever see a truly good-looking person,” she said. “If you’re on 14th street you might be like ‘Oh I bet that girl’s a model.'” COLD!

Funny enough, I was just emailing with another Upper West Sider about why it’s so nice to live in a neighborhood where people don’t gawk at celebrities. He recounted the following story:

“Last fall, my wife and I were walking south on Broadway behind Tina Fey who was pushing a stroller and and hanging onto a toddler. For five blocks walking behind her, not one person walking in the opposite direction gave her a second look. She just was not recognized. That is why celebs like Manhattan. They can’t get away with that in LALA  land.”

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    1. Steve Jacobsohn says:

      In “LALA land” no celebrity would walk anywhere for 5 blocks, let alone park more than 1 block from their destination.

    2. NikFromNYC says:

      Not one of the bright eyed professional saucy women I see streaming in and out of the 96th St. station can ever be seen in any local venue, for downtown is their libidinous calling, exclusively. Outlaw dancing, will you?

    3. Nick Spain says:

      We’ll, that’s probably why she fits in on the UWS.

    4. Rebecca Elise says:

      Ha!! Steve funny and true!

    5. I think Tina’s generally right. But I like that: i like going to CB7 meetings and not seeing very many good-looking people. But, as i read in one of my wife’s books on drawing/sketching, “there are no boring faces.” Every face is interesting. UWS-ers are very interesting people. Love ’em.

      By the way, saw her strolling into Barnes & Noble yesterday with her daughters; it was great to see her among the UWS moms out on a Sunday afternoon, on such a nice day.

    6. naro says:

      I am trying to think how these two useless comedians who contribute nothing to society but a little momentary diversion can earn $50 million per year. All paid for by advertisers that usually sell garbage that nobody needs to stupid, brain numbed people. What a country.

    7. ScooterStan says:

      It seems that for some reason (jealousy, perhaps?) it has become Open Season for attacking the UWS.

      Yesterday (Sunday) New York Times film critic A.O. Scott vociferously attacked the Film Society of Lincoln Center (for various reasons; none relevant here), and added this ANNOYING assessment of the UWS:

      “…Now the blocks between Central Park and the Hudson are given over mostly to stockbrokers and grandmothers, and the city’s center of cultural gravity has swung south and east,….”

      Well-ll-l … hopefully those stockbrokers and grandmothers (and what about us grandpa’s?) are attractive.

      We wouldn’t want to upset Tina Fey, would we now?

      • Sean says:

        Every word A.O. Scott wrote was true. And the battle for the UWS is being fought between these two groups on the floor of Fairway. It is well know the the area is 40% female and 40% over fifty. The UWS is now dull dull dull.

      • Cato says:

        “Now the blocks between Central Park and the Hudson are given over mostly to stockbrokers and grandmothers…” I think this is an outrageously thoughtless thing to say. I mean, really, what about the hedge fund managers? What about the investment bankers? To say nothing of their wives and three children each, of course.

        Perhaps UWS now stands for the Ugly Women Side of town. But at least we have enough drugstores and banks to keep us going.

        Well, almost.

    8. John says:

      Well, makes it easier to be a married Dad walking with your wife…. no temptation. (or less temptation).

    9. Cameron Rose says:

      well if she’s saying UWSider aren’t good looking and SHE’s an UWSider than isn’t she dissing herself as well?

    10. sara says:

      @Sean….I agree with you about the insanity of Fairway, and the neighborhood becoming incredibly dull, but I’m not clear on your point about the area being 40% female and 40% over 50? As a NOT UGLY, in fact very pretty, NOT DULL, not-married- to- a- hedge fund manager, 50- year-old- woman, I’d love to know the correlation. I agree that downtown is younger and more fun….maybe you’d be happier there too, without so many OLD women?? Sorry to be snarky…this thread of comments about seems to have dampened my sense of humor!

      • Sean says:

        The figures I referenced were in response to an original statement made in the Times boy A. O. Scott that the UWS had a lot of grandmothers. The recent census finds that the area is 40% female and that the area also has a population that is 40% over fifty. I have lived here since 1977. It has indeed changed. It used to be more “festive”. Downtown is too too much. But, we are rapidly becoming a suburb up here.

    11. kimbakat says:

      That’s because we are ADULTS on the upper west side. Not pixie stick NYU college students walking around 8th street. It’s called the REAL WORLD.

      Here’s a Wake Up Call – MOST PEOPLE do NOT look like they were when they were 18.

      Grow the fuck up!

    12. NancyF says:

      Oh come on. OK Flatiron has young women in 7″ heels who can barely walk and they all smoke. Disgusting. We have the greatest women sitting at that long table at the corner Zabars cafe. Gaggles of 80 year old women who are fantastic!!!! Could be my favorite peole watching area. Try it!

    13. Craig Heard says:

      She should take just a glance in a mirror and at her driver before making these comments on the appearance of others.