The Museum of the City of New York has a nice archive of historical New York photos and we found quite a few of a snow-covered Central Park through the years. Check out 12 of them below.

Skating, Central Park.
A girl and woman ice skating on a frozen lake in Central Park with the Dakota apartment building visible beyond. 1894.

Skating, Central Park.
Boys in uniform form a line on a frozen lake in Central Park. Visible on the left is the Dakota apartment building. 1894.

Parks - Central Park Winter 1896 Children Coasting.
Sledding in Central Park. 1896.

sledding 1897
Sleigh riding. 1897.

Central Park, About 1897.
Horse pulling a sled through Central Park. Around 1897.

[Ice skating in Central Park.]
Ice skating in Central Park. 1900.

Central Park Snow Scene
Snow scene by the bridge, shot by Irving Underhill. 1923.

[Central Park.]
Sledding in Central Park (does anyone know where exactly this is?) 1924.

[Eclipse as visible from lower Central Park.]
Eclipse, seen from Central Park in winter. 1925.

[Central Park and 5th Avenue at 60th Street]
View from Central Park over the pond towards 5th Avenue at 59th Street. Snow is on the ground and the pond is partially frozen. The Hotel Pierre, Sherry Netherland Hotel, Savoy-Plaza Hotel, Squibb Building and Plaza Hotel are all visible. 1930.

[Children playing in the snow in Central Park.]
Playing in the snow. 1965.

[Woman in snow, surrounded by pigeons.]
Woman in snow, surrounded by pigeons. 1985.

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    1. Kalle Lind says:

      “Sledding in Central Park 1924” is taken on the south slope by Conservatory Pond, facing north west.

      • Sonja Garrett says:

        “Sledding in Central Park 1924” is indeed Pilgrim Hill by Conservatory Water, entrance at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

      • Tif says:

        @KalleLind is exactly right re: “Sledding in Central Park (does anyone know where exactly this is?) 1924.
        ” . In fact, I was just on that hill last weekend. If the street existed then it would be facing 110th St. (which is the very top of the park where it starts). This is by far (in my opinion) the most beautiful part of Central Park.

    2. Rodger Lodger says:

      Everything was fine until I saw one from 1985. A 1985 photo is “old” and belongs next to pictures from the 19th century? I’m in my early 70s; maybe I should be put in a museum case.

    3. Alice says:

      Love these pics. Would love to see some from 1940s; I might be in them!

    4. Jodie says:

      The photo of children sledding by a pond looks like Central Park North. Just a guess.

    5. Rebecca Elise says:

      Isn’t it to the right of cat hill? Right to the right of the boathouse? By the pond where kids can sail boats ? Approximately maybe 75th street east side ?! You can see the Central Park drive going up cat hill in the distance?!

      • Sudz says:

        Yes, I agree this is a south-end view of the model boat pond looking downhill from 5th Ave side – and looking directly across at the spot Hans Christian Andersen will occupy in later years.

    6. Rebecca Elise says:

      ROGER hahaha “a museum case” im laughing out loud. True though 1985 isn’t old. You’re so funny!

    7. Rebecca Elise says:


    8. DMH says:

      Are they sledding on the hill by Harlem Meer?

      Love the Irving Underhill photo. Gorgeous!

    9. denton says:

      Same with the shots from 1965! I was around ten. And if I recall, there was electricity, running water, cars, and subways!

    10. Where is “sleigh riding 1897”? Might it be a view looking east between 80th and 84th that is now occupied by the Met?

    11. aaron levy says:


    12. Emily says:

      The 1924 “Sledding in Central Park” looks like it was taken facing south on the hill north and east of Alice in Wonderland at the Conservatory Pond.