Alert, Upper West Side shoppers! Here are some recent and upcoming openings in the neighborhood:

Francesca’s, a women’s clothing chain that started in Texes, opened a store in the former home of Aldo Shoes on 86th street and Broadway. Thanks to Linda for the photo and Rena for the tip.

The Town Shop has opened its new bra store across the street from the old one on Broadway between 81st and 82nd street. The new location is 4,000 square feet and has a “bra bar” with barstools and a “bratender” (har-har) showing people the bras, DNAinfo reports. No, there is no alcohol or peanut bowls at the moment, but owner Danny Koch wants to eventually offer bra-tinis and host performances by customers like Susie Essman. The shop has also added a new area where men can hang out, with comfy chairs, a flat-screen TV and men’s underwear.

Ritual, a Dutch makeup and beauty store, is set to open at 420 Columbus Avenue (between 80th and 81st), the former home of Medici. Rituals signed a ten-year lease, Crain’s reported. This is Rituals’ first US store. Here’s the Rituals website.

Dr. Gary Tracy, an optometrist who has had a shop at 77th street and Amsterdam for 34 years, is moving two blocks north to a larger space on 79th between Broadway and Amsterdam. Says Dr. Tracy: “We’ll have room for more frames, including new displays for children, sports and sun glasses; a separate contacts lens fitting room; and a shaded backyard patio!”

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    1. ELJ says:

      Do we really need a man’s hang out area in the Town Shop? I don’t know about other women but I prefer not to shop for my underwear around men who aren’t my husband or boyfriend.

      • Scooter Stan says:

        Re: “…but I prefer not to shop for my underwear around men who aren’t my husband or boyfriend.”

        Ummm…you have BOTH a husband AND a boytfriend ? How liberated !!

        But you may have mis-read. The article says “…a new area where men can hang out, with comfy chairs, a flat-screen TV and men’s underwear.”

        In other words, they’ll be hanging out in their underwear ?!?! Yuch!!! That’ll make anyone lose his/her appetite!

    2. jerry says:

      It sounds as though The Town Shop is about to make the same mistake as its neighbor, Harry’s Shoes. Upscaling and expanding. For years, Harry’s had a reputation as a place with good shoes and good prices. But now, the store looks like it belongs on Madison Avenue, not Broadway. More square footage, high priced decor and inventory, lots of space and fewer customers. Think twice, Town Shop.

      • Snowy says:

        Why was the expansion of Harry’s Shoes a mistake? I think the UWS may be changing a bit, as far as retail options/wants/needs and disagree completely that Harry’s Shoes looks like something that could be “on Madison Avenue” (hardly!). I have never once been in either the adults or kids stores when they weren’t a zoo. I imagine they are doing JUST fine. I think that this is a good idea for The Town Shop, although I agree that a men’s area might be unnecessary.

    3. ted says:

      it sounds like the town shop is just creating a space for men who are dragged in there. the old space was so tight that I always felt like I was in somebody’s space. pretty much every store I go to with my wife has has chairs for the plus one. she can shop longer they sell more and my back doesn’t hurt. win win win

    4. Peggi heller says:

      Make up artist for 25 years interested in makeup work at rituals