Woody Allen stars in a movieĀ  called Fading Gigolo that will premiere next month at the Toronto Film Festival. Parts of the movie were shot at Westsider Books on Broadway and 80th street.

Woody Allen fans have been waiting for him to come back to New York for years (Whatever Works from 2009 was his only recent movie set in the city), but Fading Gigolo probably won’t sate that hunger. That’s because the movie was written and directed by John Turturro, although the trailer has the feel of a Woody-directed flick — a New Yorker with a harebrained scheme to make money and feel important, beautiful women sleeping with less-beautiful men. Woody is the owner of a bookstore who pimps his friend played by Turturro. Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara try to enlist Turturro in a threesome. Hijinks ensue!

Check out the trailer below, and photos from the shoot at Westsider Books here and here. No word yet on when it will open at a theater near you.

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    1. Howard Freeman says:

      Good to see Woody Allen appear on the UWS, and good to see the Westsider featured, though it appears Allen still doesn’t want to/can’t pay to shoot here himself.

      This film also looks as nihilistic as some of Allen’s own recent films. Sorry… I’m going to skip this one.

    2. Scooter Stan says:

      Hmmm…dunno nuttin’ about “nihilistic,” but Allen’s latest, Blue Jasmine, is truly wonderful, and hopefully Blanchett will be nominated for Best Actress, as she IS the film!

      Meanwhile, judging from the trailer, Faded Gigolo promises to be an absolute delight!

      Can’t wait for its release!

    3. Tony says:

      A must see!