The future is here, and it’s helping you check your email.

The city unveiled a pilot program on Wednesday that turned 10 phone booths into wi-fi hotspots with a radius of coverage of about 100 to 200 feet. Two locations in and around the neighborhood are already hooked up: 230 West 95th Street, and Broadway and 58th Street (in photo above).

To access the free wireless service, follow these instructions:

“Payphone WiFi is available anytime, free-of-charge, and with no limit on usage. To access the service, users need simply to select the “Free WiFi / “NYC Free Public WiFi” option on their devices, accept the terms and conditions, and start browsing. No personal information will be gathered and no advertising will be presented as part of the pilot program. WiFi installation does not affect the operation of the payphones, and each phone remains in compliance with all of the City’s current rules and regulations. Technical assistance is available by contacting 311 – online, by phone, or by text at 311-692.”

What’s more, the phones will remain there — although the city said last year that 40% of the phones are either broken or basically busted in many neighborhoods. But please, people who pee in the phone booths, stop doing that.

Of course, the future really began when we got these space-age bike racks.

Photo by Avi.

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    1. Cato says:

      Great news! Maybe this will free up a table or two at Starbucks for those of us who want to have a cup of coffee while sitting down.