DSW’s corporate office has finally confirmed what we first reported more than a month ago: the discount shoe store is opening a 32,000 square foot store on 79th Street in the old Filene’s Basement spot. A reader recently reported to us that construction has already begun, and a store rep previously told us it will likely open this June.

“The DSW store at 79th and Broadway will also be very large, measuring over 32,000 square feet,” the company said in a press release today. In the release, the company said the store will open in “early summer.”

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    1. David T says:

      And why exactly are we happy about this? Good for you that you “Confirmed!” your earlier story, but wouldn’t an Old Navy, Crate & Barrel, H&M or WHOLE FOODS have been a better option? (okay, maybe not Whole Foods with Zabar’s across the street)

      I wonder if there was ever an option for the whole block to be torn down, with new housing or retail/dining option – not all hi-rise, but a mix? Just a thought.

      • Margaret says:

        I may be wrong but, I do believe that the owners of that block sold some of their air rights quite a while back so the building may have to stay the height that it is (lucky us!). Personally, I was keeping my fingers crossed (and still have them crossed) for a Container Store.

      • Cato says:

        Keep in mind that the Zabars *are* the owners. (What, you thought they made their fortunes selling cream cheese? They own most of that part of the UWS.)

        That said, I don’t know why a shoe emporium was drawn to the space when a shoe-and-other-clothing emporium failed miserably there, just recently.

        And, with *that* said, much as I agree that we could all use something more, well, useful, just keep saying this over and over: “At least it’s not another bank. At least it’s not another bank…..”

        • Bg says:

          Not a disagreement but just a clarification, Filene’s/Syms didn’t “fail” at that location, the entire company failed. For all we know that location was raking in money when the corporation went bankrupt.

    2. lauren says:


    3. Rebecca says:

      Any word on what might be moving in to the other half of the building (the space formerly occupied by Syms, and before that, Circuit City)? I am crossing my fingers for an H&M. There are two on the UES, so it seems odd that the closest locations for us are Harlem, Rockefeller Center, or 34th Street. Come on, H&M!!