The huge space on Broadway between 79th and 80th Streets that housed Filene’s Basement for almost 20 years will be filled by a new retailer come June: DSW.

A rumor brought to us by our talented local sleuth Emily Baer was confirmed by a store rep. DSW, which has another big location on Union Square, sells designer shoes and is considered a discount store, although it sells many shoes closer to full price.

When Filene’s closed after a liquidation in December following the bankruptcy of its parent company Syms, it left a gaping whole in the middle of the Upper West Side. That block hasĀ  gotten particularly bleak: across the street, the shuttered facade of H&H Bagels continues to stare blankly at Upper West Siders.

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Photo by Avi.

    1. Jill says:

      please be true, please be true, please be true!!!!!!

    2. Ellie says:

      Thought you were referring to Fairfield, CT…

    3. Martin says:

      Speaking of H&H, I noticed the other day that there is construction happening in that space- any idea what it might be? Looks like they are connecting the two spaces to the right of it into one big space. Wonder if there is a tenant??