Lady Gaga fans have been waiting with bated breath ever since news broke late last year that Gaga’s father, Joe Germanotta, would be opening a restaurant called Joanne Trattoria on 68th Street and Columbus Avenue.

Well, they won’t have to wait much longer. A sign posted to the door of the restaurant now says that the spot is taking reservations starting Feb. 1. The phone number to call is 212-721-0068. Construction project manager Naushab Ahmed told me that the restaurant may open for some friends and family events before Feb. 1, but will open to the public at the beginning of February (there are still a few construction details that need to be worked out). The restaurant will have about 70 seats, including 16 or 18 outside, according to Ahmed.

Joanne, named for Gaga’s deceased aunt, will serve family-style Italian food, with a Southern twist. Chef Art Smith, who used to be Oprah’s personal chef, designed the menu. It was initially supposed to be price-fixe, but it’s not clear now if that will be the case.

The stoves have already been used at least once, when Lady Gaga stopped by with some pals after celebrating in Times Square. Ryan Seacrest, Jenny McCarthy and other celebrities showed up for an early-morning chow down after the ball dropped.

Upper West Side, get ready for Gaga’s little monsters!

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Photos by Avi.

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    1. Tanner wur-Lucko says:

      Congratulations on your grand opening. We will hopefully check it out the next time we ever get to visit NYC.

      A highly devoted little monster. Thanks for the pic Joe. I am grateful. Did Gaga get my t-shirt nd letter? She looked fabulous on New Years!!! Great success to you all.

      Tanner from Canada

    2. Robertoooooooo says:

      With GaGa being so hip – who designed the front of the house?

    3. david alan kjoller says:

      The prior comment expressed my sentiment as well. I’m sure the interior looks great ( as seen from photos showing work in progress).

      But the exterior, with the exception of the nice awning, is looking a little dreary. Will it change?

      david alan kjoller
      living in exile in Texas

    4. Mildred Diaz says:

      This is a awesome!!! Lady Gaga is a fan of my friends grandson whose only gift for his 16th Birthday is to go to this restaurant. I want to make his wish a reality. This idea was fabulous!!! Congrats Lady Gaga Dad & Family.

    5. Emilia Scarlato says:

      We cant wait to dine in your restaurant. We want to make a reservation (will call you for the exact date) to celebrate my husband’s birthday in February 28. Congratulations on your Grand Opening!!!

    6. JoAnn Merklinghaus says:

      I can’t wait to eat at Joanne’s tomorrow!, Feb. 26, It’s my birthday and what better way to celebrate!

    7. ken b says:

      Will check this out am half italian