Lady Gaga’s father (Daddy Gaga?) is opening a new restaurant on 68th Street just East of Columbus Avenue called “Joanne”. The spot used to house Vince and Eddie’s, an Italian pre-theater dinner spot that Lady Gaga had actually invested in.  Joe Germanotta, or Daddy Gaga, plans to open the space in late November, he told me when I stopped by today. Construction workers were hard at work and Germanotta was sitting at a table at the front of the hollowed-out restaurant typing on his laptop.

Germanotta has apparently hired Art Smith, a celebrity chef who has worked with Oprah and founded a “healthy fast food chain”, to run the place, GrubStreet reported.

Joanne is the name of Germanotta’s sister, and it’s also Lady Gaga’s middle name.

For an update to this story, with new opening date expectations, click here.

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Photo by Avi.

    1. Lisa Marie says:

      good luck in the grand opening of your restaurant!! god bless you all and most of all Mother Monster we love u, with love Lisa Marie n Elvin (my son) xoxox

    2. pat raja says:

      could you please tell me if the restaurant is open and what the phone number is. i’d like to go there but would like to call first.

    3. Kathy Lucko says:

      I brought my son to new York from Saskatchewan Canada just so he could visit the city lady gaga is from it would mean the world and everything in it if he could meet lady gaga or even her dad. I know it is asking a lot but please I would love to do this for my son. She has saved his life and given him incredible confidence. Thank you

    4. becky aka la loserrr says:

      I can’t wait I love food, right now I am hungary mmmmmmmmm