Lady Gaga gave her father the best advertising a restaurant owner can possibly receive — she mentioned his new Upper West Side restaurant to millions of people in a televised special on ABC with Katie Couric on Thursday.

“My dad, it was always his dream to open a restaurant,” she told Katie Couric. “My dad and I opened up a restaurant together and it’s called Joanne…Watching my dad put up the awning in front of 68th Street two blocks from where I grew up in a beautiful brownstone where they make Italian food, and to watch him open the restaurant of his dreams and have it called Joanne after his sister, that’s wealth. That’s the dream.”

And then she cried.

A million Gaga fans melted, and probably went online to look for reservations.

But the restaurant, on 68th Street just East of Columbus Avenue in the old Vince & Eddie’s spot, isn’t open yet. Joe Germanotta, Gaga’s father, was hoping to open up the week before Thanksgiving, but the renovations are taking longer than expected. He did put up the awning, but the inside is still a work-in-progress. He now hopes to open during the week before Christmas.

He told me today that he’s planning to make it a traditional Italian family spot, with a price-fixe menu. The chef will be Art Smith, who knows a thing or two about working with celebrities; he has worked with Oprah and also founded a “healthy fast food chain”.

Germanotta (pictured above) seems like a low-key guy, unlike the parents of other noted celebrities, and he’s been overseeing the renovations firsthand inside the dusty half-finished restaurant for weeks. While I was talking to him, a couple of tourists from Cyprus walked up and told him they had been looking for the restaurant and expected it to be open. They were disappointed because they’re leaving to go home tomorrow. He chatted with them about what hotel they were staying at, and about Cyprus.

The woman said “I see your daughter has your eyes.”

“Most people say she looks more like her mom,” he said.

Update: The restaurant is now slated for a January opening. Check out a picture of the interior.

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    1. Larissa says:

      Can’t wait!

    2. latoyaluster says:

      awesome. very special

    3. ARLINE KAVA says:


    4. jayne benigno says:

      I wish you all the luck in the universe. It made me cry (in a good way)I know your sister is right there in spirit.
      Merry Christmas .

      I love your awnning, just so pretty.

      • donna says:

        This is great…can’t wait…hope i can get in after the publicity!!!Wow, Art Smith cooking and GAGA promoting…a win, win.

    5. marie says:

      i luv it there its super cool ladygagga roxx

    6. Marilyn says:

      I need their phone number to get a gift certificate for dinner for my family in NY PLEASE

    7. david alan kjoller says:

      Mr Germanotta,

      I would offer this idea for your dream ( of the restaurant ). Its not when it opens; its how it opens.

      Don’t worry about the date. When things are right, you’ll know.

      As with Lady Gaga, it wasn’t a straight line to success. It took time.

      david alan kjoller

    8. Amazing Italian restaurants need amazing chefs that can cook and Throw a PIE. You need to get Michael DiBenardo from the Double Windsor in Brooklyn in Joanne’s cucina (Kitchen) formerly from Block 16 Vail Colorado. Make it Happen Joe with great food!!!

    9. Marilyn says:

      Please let me know when you are opening would love to visit and have a great meal at your restaurant!!!!!! I love Lady Gaga!!!!!!!!!

    10. pat raja says:

      is the restaurant open and what’s the phone nuber so i can make reservations.

    11. becky says:

      I can’t wait to use the restroom. And of course food. !

    12. Monica DiBella says:

      I would like to purchase a gift certificate.

    13. Kathy Lucko says:

      In December 2011 I took my son to New York. He is such a incredibly huge Lady Gaga fan that we visited her neighbourhood and stopped by Joannes. Her dad was there and we had a chance to meet and talk with him. My son also left a David Bowie teacher and a letter for Gaga. Her Dad promised to deliver in person. Shortly after we returned home to Saskatoon, Canada, we sent another letter and gift. I honestly thought Gaga would at least acknowledge the thoughtfulness of our sons loyalty to her. We thought she would ask a staff member or just send a thank you, but nothing. I know she loves her “monsters and my son makes alot of excuses for her but I was very disappointed that she has not even replied. New York was a very expensive trip showing an incredible commitment to gaga. For his sake I wish she would acknowledge him. He is becoming an incredible film maker and editor and shows off her music every chance he gets. I hope this message gets to her and that she can meet this young man whose dedication would amaze her. Every area of his room is filled with Gaga, including drawings and paintings, he has every piece of music on cd and vinyl, on his computers and cell phone and he has travelled 5 hours one way just to see her in concert in Edmonton, Alberta. His dedication deserves some recognition. Hopefully we can return to NYC soon and have a meal at Joannes. Im sure my son will have another present for her. We cant wait to eat there as well.

    14. kathy lucko says:

      Just a correction. My son left Gaga a David Bowie T Shirt

    15. Kristen says:

      Inspiring news <3 wish luck with the restaurant! I love lady gaga shes my idol i wish i can meet her some day thats my dreams! Cant wait to go there soon!