Apparently, a bully is on the loose on the Upper West Side, allowing his kid to step on people’s glasses and then…not apologizing! That is the gist of a drawing that has been taped to poles around 94th Street in the last few days. You can see it above, in a picture by Upper West Side photographer Glark, also known as David T. Cole. David said he saw the picture taped up from 93rd Street to 95th Street around Columbus Avenue. Below a drawing of a man (who has the bone structure and condescending glare of an art history teacher I once knew) the message reads:

“Do You Know this Man?

His kid knocked my sunglasses out of my hand and stepped on them, breaking the lens & frameĀ  – costing $150. And did not apologize!

Be Careful – CUIDATE – This is NOT A NICE MAN.”

Cuidate mans basically “take care of yourself”. The incident appears to have occurred on Oct. 22 at 94th Street and Columbus if I am reading the bottom of the poster correctly.

A CBS News reporter saw the notice and checked with the NYPD, who said that no crime had been reported that fits the description. Either this is real, or else we are witnessing the first panel in a graphic novel by Ben Katchor.

Either way, the anonymous victim clearly has a future (or a present) in the art world. Anyone know anything else about this?

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    1. 102415 says:

      Sure, but what does the kid look like?