Hammock in Central Park. Photo by Avi.

July 12, 2011 Weather: Mostly Sunny, High of 91 Degrees and Very Humid.

Manhattanhenge, the phenomenon wherein the sun aligns perfectly with Manhattan’s East-West street grid, is back today and tomorrow. Check out a nice picture from May’s Manhattanhenge, and see our calendar for a great event about Manhattanhenge tonight at the Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium.

Someone left a sketch in a plastic bag near the Time Warner Center. It has been found.

Harry Potter-crazed tweens flooded Lincoln Center in hopes of catching a glimpse of the hogwarts or whatever. Some slept outside for six days. (Gothamist)

Bicyclists will soon be able to use two East-West paths to cross Central Park from the Upper West to the Upper East Side and back as part of a city pilot program. One of the paths parallels the 97th Street transverse, and the other is around 102nd Street. (New York Times)

Fashion Week organizers are trying to eliminate or upgrade the noisy generators that drove residents crazy during the most recent shows. (DNAinfo)

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    1. I love the photo says:

      I love your photos of UWS New York and us New Yorkers (this one must be of “man working”). Can we New York folks contribute to this collection?