To Celebrate Earth Day: An Incomplete List of Sustainable Stores on the UWS

Verdi Square, 72nd & Broadway. Photograph by Scott Etkin.

By Scott Etkin

When it comes to reducing our impact, “buying nothing” is usually the best option. But for when we do need to shop (and eat), there are plenty of stores on the UWS that use sustainable materials and practices, or donate some of their sales back to the environment.

In the spirit of “progress over perfection,” here’s an incomplete list of environmentally friendly businesses in our area.

What would you add to this list? We’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments.

Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

AG Jeans | 305 Columbus Ave. (btwn 74th & 75th St.)
Uses recycled water in its manufacturing process, saving 100,000 gallons of water per day.

Allbirds | 201 Columbus Ave. (btwn 69th & 70th St.)
100% carbon neutral and committed to cutting its carbon footprint in half by 2025. Accepts used Allbirds shoes to recycle.

Eileen Fisher | 341 Columbus (btwn 76th & 77th St.)
Uses organic fibers, recycled fibers and sustainable fibers such as wool and Tencel™ Lyocell.

Magpie | 488 Amsterdam Ave. (btwn 83rd & 84th St.)
“Petite boutique featuring eco-friendly gifts, stationery, home décor and accessories.”

Madewell | 211-217 Columbus Ave. (btwn 69th & 70th St.)
Sells “preloved” clothes and runs a trade-in program where people can send their clothes to threadUP, where they will be resold or recycled, in return for a Madewell store credit.

Patagonia | 426 Columbus Ave. (btwn 80th & 81st St.)
Donates 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Offers services repair or resell used apparel.

Farmers’ Markets

77th/79th Street Greenmarket | 77th/79th Street and Columbus
Open Sundays 9am to 4pm, year-round.

97th Street Greenmarket | 97th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam
Open Fridays 8am to 2pm, year-round.

Columbia Greenmarket | at 114th Street and Broadway
Open Thursdays and Sundays 8am to 4pm, year-round.

Tucker Square Greenmarket | 66th Street and Broadway
Open Thursdays and Saturdays 8am to 4pm, year-round.

Plant-Based Restaurants

Aamber | 2636 Broadway (btwn 99th & 100th St.)
Vegan Indian food with popular samosas filled with potatoes, green peas, cashews and raisins.

Awash | 947 Amsterdam Ave (btwn 106th & 107th St.)
“Ethiopian fare, including rich stews and injera bread.”

Ayurveda Café | 706 Amsterdam Ave. (btwn 94th & 95th St.)
“The set price menu of Indian vegetarian food changes daily and is based on ayurvedic principles.”

Blossom on Columbus | 507 Columbus Ave. (btwn 84th & 85th St.)
“A long menu of inventive vegan cuisine served in an earth-toned space.”

Kraves Vegan Foods | 100 Freedom Pl S. (btwn 59th & 60th St.)
Plant-based renditions of comfort food like “Buffalo mac’n cheez,” Impossible burgers and “loaded nachos.”

Le Botaniste | 156 Columbus Ave. (btwn 66th & 67th St.)
Apothecary-themed casual restaurant serving wine and organic bowls with globally inspired flavors.

Peacefood | 460 Amsterdam Ave. (btwn 82nd & 83rd St.)
“Homey spot for raw and vegan sandwiches, juices, teas and desserts, plus daily dinner specials.”

Vintage & Used

Central Park Resale l 22 W. 66th Street (btwn CPW & Col.)
Read WSR’s story about it here.

Goodwill | 157 Columbus Ave. (72nd St.)
“Long-standing nonprofit chain with a range of pre-owned clothing, housewares and more.”*

Housing Works | 308 Columbus Ave. (btwn 74th & 75th St.) and 2569 Broadway (btwn 96th & 97th St.)
Nonprofit chain of thrift shops fighting AIDS and homelessness.

Olde Good Things | 2420 Broadway (btwn 89th & 90th St.)
“Architectural artifact dealer offering an array of reclaimed building materials and antiques.”

More & More Antiques | 378 Amsterdam Ave. (btwn 77th & 78th St.)
European and American antiques and handmade holiday décor.

*Quotes are from Google Maps

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    1. TravelgalNYC says:

      One of our fave restaurants: Thyme & Tonic: Vegan, gluten free and delicious!

    2. Carol says:

      I grew up in a rural area – we were nearly self-sufficient. Definitely never wasted anything, and could repurpose just about anything, so I’m always slightly amused by things like “sustainable”, as-if that’s not been part of my DNA for generations. Like a lot of people, I’m sure.

      So to me, sustainable means something of good value – something that is quality enough to use for a very long time. Even if it’s not labeled “sustainable”!

      My tastes also don’t change, though my needs may, and I never “re-do” just for fun, but as is needed to maintain function.

      How about all the bldgs, stores, and chains that seem to renovate every 6 mos just for magpie appeal, and most of these would claim some sort of “sustainability”?

      Anyway….. as most people with medical needs know, when you eat out, it’s hard to get ingredient listings or to always know how food has been handled and when it was prepared, etc….. Most places seem to be into trends and lifestyle vs true health needs. For ex, Le Botaniste has a garnish called gomasio. They will look straight at you when you ask if it contains sesame and tell you no. Yet if you do a simple internet search, it is actually made from sesame seeds. And most alternative foods are highly fermented or otherwise contain ingredients that can aggravate a variety of heath conditions. The reason for making certain choices matters. But instead, we are told that there is a narrow path to “goodness”. And it usually seems to be the same path for everyone. Hmmmm.

      My point is just that because someone says something is one thing doesn’t make it so, or correct for individual needs, and take extra care. There is the feeling of “doing good” and then there is actually doing good. Choose wisely, my friends.

    3. Steven says:

      Not fully on topic with this post, but hoping someone can advise. Is there a good and reliable UWS handyman who can easily assemble Ikea like furniture? I seem to remember reading on here about someone good, just not sure where to look. Appreciate the help. Thanks!

      • Bonnie says:

        Check Task Rabbit. Had very good experience getting my IKEA outdoor sofa assembled but they handle all kinds of furniture and a variety of other services.

      • Julia says:

        TaskRabbit has IKEA assemblers

    4. Diane says:

      We need one of those zero waste/refill stores on the UWS.

    5. You forgot the restaurants that participate in the Deliver Zero programs. Deliver Zero restaurants delivery food in reusable containers. You can wash and retun the containers to any participating restaurants or give them to the delivery guy next time you order from a Deliver Zero restaurant. No plastic, paper, foil.