Charles Pan-Fried Chicken Opening Mid-February, Con Ed Willing

Photograph by Dan Tanner.

By Carol Tannenhauser

It’s been a year since we cracked the story that Charles Pan-Fried Chicken, the best fried chicken in the city, foodies say — nay, in the world! — is opening at 144-146 West 72nd Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. We waited patiently, wondering where we were in the pecking order, knowing that proprietor, Charles Gabriel, is also opening a new spot on 145th Street and Edgecombe Avenue.

Praise the chicken god, we’re next — and it won’t be long. WSR received the following update from Quie Slobert, Chief Operating Officer of Charles Pan-Fried Chicken, who wrote:

Thank you for your interest, we would love to be open today, but due to the city being backed up with providing permits and waiting on Con Ed approvals, we are on hold at this time. A rough guess for opening the 72nd Street location is mid-February. For 145th we are working with Con Edison to build a new gas line due to new building codes, so at this time we can’t give even a rough guess. Again thank you, we are so eager to be able to open and feed the community!

Not nearly as eager as we are!

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    1. Jean Luke says:

      I am so looking forward to Charle’s opening. Getting a store / restaurant opening in NYC is always so difficult with onerous permits from so many agencies.

      Whenever a store becomes vacant it can sit for years before something new opens. Look at the Lite Choice next to Charles Chicken. That’s probably been sitting empty now for 4+ years and PJ Hurley’s site probably empty for 5+ years.

      I hear there was permit problems with that space and its been a dangerous eyesore for years now with the scaffolding and homeless congregating and sleeping in front of the restaurant.

      NYC and NY State continues to be one of the most difficult places to open a small business as they attack you with fees, fines, permits and taxes making it almost impossible to operate small stores and restaurants.

      • RobbieTheK says:

        The new mayor said he was going to make NYC the easiest and best place for small biz. Great start!

      • lynn says:

        I moved to the UWS mid-2013 and I’m almost positive that Hurley’s was already closed. I thought the scaffolding, garbage, and homeless situation on that corner was temporary, but obviously that wasn’t the case. It would be a real boon to the neighborhood if someone opened a new business in that spot!

    2. Dandeman says:

      Charles is an amazing man, and incredible chef!
      Can’t wait to see those pan fried pieces of chicken bubbling in oil on 72nd street. If you have never had his chicken, you will be blown away!

    3. Samuel Ellison says:

      When will the one open in Harlem on 145th street

      • Huh says:

        “For 145th we are working with Con Edison to build a new gas line due to new building codes, so at this time we can’t give even a rough guess.”

    4. Paul says:

      Anyone know what’s happening with the Chipotle on Amsterdam between 72-73? I was there yesterday & they were closed. They had a sign on the window explaining BUT they put it behind the store hours so you can not read what it actually says. The store hours covers over it. I heard from someone in my building it’s been closed a few days. Anyone know anything?

      • Just got pick-up from this Chipotle location today at 6 p.m. They are doing take out, delivery, and inside dining. Sometime, though, I find they are closed due to staff shortages.

    5. Eve M says:

      Being able to taste the food ahead of time has Me sitting in anticipation for the Opening. I will be present for the Grand Opening. Can’t wait to order and eat this delicious food!

    6. Passed by the store this afternoon. Lights are on, lots of packing boxes stacked up, lots of activity. Hope they open soon!

    7. Hannah says:

      I’ve lived on W145th for over 20 years. Over the past 7 years, I’ve seen several White owned Restaurants open overnight in the neighborhood. What is it with all these delays in permits and Con Ed “new building codes” for Charle’s? The people of the community want Charle’s to open YESTERDAY! The DOB and Con Ed need to get permits to Charle’s with the same swiftness permitted to those businesses gentrifying Harlem!