Openings and Closings: Simply Noodles, Kitakata Ramen, CBD Kratom, Venchi, Madison Reed, Hawa

A restaurant called Simply Noodles House is coming soon to 73rd Street and Amsterdam, though we don’t have much info on it yet. It appears to be in the former home of Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai, which closed recently. Thanks to Zen Medica and Scott for the tips.

CBD Kratom, which calls itself the largest privately owned cannabis and kratom retail chain in the United States, is having a grand opening this weekend at 2039-B Broadway. You may have heard of cannabis, but Kratom is less well-known. It comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree, and is related to coffee. We wrote more about it here. The shop will have a grand opening from 3-6 on Friday, Dec. 10.

Venchi, the 140-year-old maker of chocolates and gelato, will open its latest NYC outpost on the southwest corner of 69th Street and Columbus Avenue. A man working on the shop’s interiors said it should be open in “about two weeks.” Thanks to Joy for the tip.

The hair salon Madison Reed will be opening on 72nd Street and Columbus, where there used to be a Covid-19 rapid testing center. “Madison Reed does hair color, highlights and treatments with products made in Italy under the European Union’s strict safety standards, which excludes ammonia, parabens and other harmful ingredients,” writes our tipster Scott.

A shop called Hawa that serves smoothies and tea is coming to 84th and Amsterdam, next door to cpw boutique. Thanks to UWS Save Our Stores for the tip.

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    1. rr.gross says:

      Kratom, in my experience, is a very good thing. So is chocolate and smoothies, so this is all very good news. A hair salon, well, if I had any…

    2. Rob says:

      Does anyone know if B I Rosenhaus & Sons carpet and flooring closed. Used to be on 72nd. Moved to Columbus – can’t get them on the phone – number disconnected – but I didn’t see anything about them closing. Website makes it look like the store is still open.

    3. UWS-er says:

      Hawa has been open for a few weeks at least.

    4. SC5555 says:

      Gutted to learn that Kitakata is closed. Our family loved their food and ate there once a week. Actually it was my final meal before the restaurants shut down in March 2020!

    5. Cindi says:

      Rosenhaus & Sons is closed. I had gotten a postcard from them a few years ago, before the pandemic, letting me know about the closure.

    6. Paul on W 67 says:

      I am so sorry to see that Kitakata has closed. Their tonkatsu curry was excellent. I can’t help but wonder if the forever scaffolding on Amsterdam and 72nd did them in.

      • Josh says:

        Probably that and the fact that they closed super early every day for the last several months. Their ramen was really great. Hoping the new noodle shop will be as good.

        • fellow westsider says:

          Yeah, very sorry to hear Kitakata closed – especially now that this would be perfect ramen weather!

          I’m kind of surprised they’re gone. If anything, I got the sense they had more business than they could manage. Or maybe it was a staffing / management issue. I just remember they seemed too busy at times to answer the phone for takeout orders.

          • Bistro says:

            I don’t understand why people expect takeout ramen to be delicious. The soup would be too cold by the time when it’s delivered.
            I grew up in the period and region where many train stations have noodle soup store attached. People enjoyed quickly served noodle soup while waiting for a train. Now the food culture was replaced with pastries at train station.

            • RK says:

              The soup is delivered in a separate container which can be heated up (as Jin Ramen recommends). If you watch the way they’re assembled at the shop, the ingredients are room temperature (except possibly the noodles) and the broth heats up the bowl, so it actually travels well.

    7. Caroline says:

      Hawa had been open for a while – great smoothies and acai bowls!

    8. carl g silverman says:

      WSR, legal marijuana wont stop the Mexican Cartels from doing business. it makes it more available to kids who dont need it.

      • Jo Baldwin says:

        But it can be taxed and that’s what it’s all about. Same with casinos.
        “(Cartels) don’t need no stinkin’ taxes.

      • Sid says:

        If that’s what you believe, I’d love to learn what you are smoking!

      • Alfonse says:

        and more likely that you won’t be able to dodge the nasty acrid smell when walking down Broadway @carl

    9. julia says:

      Every time I post a comment (civil and short) I receive some notice that says I’ve already posted same! Am I black-listed? I’d like to know

    10. Linda Greene says:

      Need recommendations for restaurants who serve good Chinese food.

      • ben says:

        Not really any great Chinese restaurants in UWS. If I was really craving, Han Dynasty would do in a pinch.

        • fellow westsider says:

          We like Shun Lee West for Chinese food. Admittedly, on the pricier side – but good quality / food.

        • lynn says:

          I love Han Dynasty but this week I was charged $15.00 higher than usual for the same dishes (before the tip). They charged for tax, delivery and ‘fees.’ Very disappointing.

          I’ve heard good things about New Cottage but I haven’t been able to locate an online menu.

      • UWS-er says:

        Legend 72 for spicy Szechuan dishes, Jing Fong for dim sum.

      • Mike says:

        Han dynasty is our favorite. Tri dim west does a good job also for more American style dishes

        Vanessa’s dumpling house is terrific for dumplings, dan dan noodles and scallion pancake sandwiches

        Jing fong for dim sum

      • RK says:

        Tri Dim West
        Grain House
        Ollie’s for Americanized fast chinese

      • David says:

        Legend 72 and new cottage are both great

    11. jimbo says:

      Hey Julia,
      Do not feel bad the UWS RAG has left my comments out many times. I cannot imagine why, I’m the nicest person in the area.
      JIMBO G