SNL Asks the Big Question: What if There Were Dog Runs for Lonely Men in Riverside Park?

Saturday Night Live shot a video in Riverside Park that aired last weekend, imagining a place for men who have trouble making friends. That place is basically a dog run.

The video starts by explaining how hard it is for adult men to find friends, and then suggests a way to solve that problem: a “Man Park” where they can gather. It looks like it was shot in the southern end of the park, where there are lots of dog runs. The Riverside Park Conservancy called the Man Park a “very useful innovation.” Check it out!

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    1. Cathrine S Steck says:

      Nailed it!!

    2. Cat says:

      OMG this is SO FUNNY!!!! (And what a terrific idea!)

    3. Giulia says:

      This might be the best thing they’ve done in years. All the YouTube comments are like “I feel offended and also when can we get this for real?”

    4. Krash says:

      Does vin diesel really have a twin brother? Cool! I have to google that…