Openings, Closings, and Expansions: Kissaki, Victoria’s Secret, Slavik’s VIP Fitness, Medical and Physical Therapy Offices

Kissaki, the Japanese omakase restaurant, “is expanding to take over the vacant storefront next to its existing location on 73rd Street and Columbus,” our tipster Steve writes. “The empty space used to be occupied by Eurooptica, which recently moved to the South corner of the same block.”


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Victoria’s Secret has closed its doors at 85th and Broadway after decades at the location. Thanks to Charles for the tip. A listing says it’s renting for $250 per square foot.

A new medical office, including a cardiology specialist, is opening in the former home of Ricky’s at 112 West 72nd Street.

Slavik’s VIP Fitness has reopened at a new, much larger location at 2758 Broadway [entrance on 106th Street],” West Side Rag correspondent Joy Bergmann reports. Owner and lead trainer Slavik — “just Slavik” — says his loyal clientele not only stuck with him through the pandemic closure, but helped him grow the business by popularizing his online classes and reputation for effective regimens customized to the needs of each person, especially those looking to regain strength and ability after injuries. He and his six trainers invite UWSiders to book a free introductory session by calling 347-444-6781. “Everyone is vaccinated,” he says. “It’s a safe, comfortable place to improve physically, mentally, your soul, everything!”

Riverdale Midtown Physical Therapy has opened a new studio at 113 West 78th Street, unit 1 (between Columbus and Amsterdam Ave). “We run our clinic differently and offer our patients a full hour one-on-one care with the physical therapist,” writes physical therapist Elizabeth Li. The website is here.

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    1. JBN says:

      Couldn’t be more thrilled about the Kissaki expansion. Means they’re doing as well as they deserve. Have had several excellent meals there. The omakase, and I’ve had their 10, 13, and 16 course omakase, have all been outstanding. Have taken with a few different friends and they agree. Think 13 is the sweet spot. Not inexpensive, but no question it’s worth it.

    2. RogerS. says:

      I love high-end omakase, but I just can’t wrap my brain and wallet around the cost anymore!

    3. UWS Dad says:

      Any news on Cafe Lalo?

    4. Glen says:

      When Victoria’s Secret removes its awnings I wonder where the homeless man who has been living under them for more than 20 years will relocate.

      • DH says:

        I know that homeless man-we call him “sneaker guy” because he always has lots of sneakers dangling down his back. He’s a familiar sight between 79th-84th/Broadway. Once I was shocked to see him cleaned up, groomed, and wearing clean clothes instead of filthy rags–some agency that helps the homeless mentally-ill had clearly scooped him up and given him a chance. He was handsome. He was once somebody’s child. He never presents a threat or causes harm, just goes through trash cans looking for food. Shortly after his happy rehabilitation he sank back into himself. He is ILL. Why doesn’t anybody, any agency, take care of him medically? No one should be treated that way. Ever.

        • Lisa says:

          I would be shocked if several agencies haven’t tried. People don’t have to accept help if it comes with terms they don’t like.

        • Steevie says:

          I have seen that guy for a long time. When cleaned up he reminds me a little of Jerry Lewis. I know a guy from The New York Post who once tried asking him questions. He got very angry. I have never heard him say one word to another human being. So if you try to talk to him and he just ignores you, leave him alone.

        • Michael says:

          Saw him tonight right outside five napkin burger doing his usual routine. Certainly he is ill. Not harmful at all from the many times I have seen him.

      • lynn says:

        He’s been sleeping on the corner of 72nd and WEA (by the Pier 72 restaurant) during the past few weeks. There are 2 other homeless men already ‘living’ there, and several small businesses on the block leave out bags of food for them. I hope they will all accept permanent help before the cold weather sets in again. 🙁

        • Emmett says:

          Has anyone has any success in getting mental health support for the mentally ill on the streets?
          It makes me furious that I pay taxes and these individuals are so badly neglected.

          There is a mentally ill man who is regularly at 100th and Amsterdam, directly across from Precinct 24.
          I have made over 30 separate calls and 311 requests to get him help.
          I have spoken to the Community Policing Staff at the Precinct. Most recently, it appears he has taken to defecating in the parking lot behind 830 Amsterdam. There are 8 separate piles of human feces in the parking spots starting with #13.

          I can get no response from NYCHA ( THEY USUALLY HANG UP ON ME) the precinct or the #311 online complaint service.
          No call back from Mark Levine either.
          No call back from Goddard Riverside.

          Does anyone have any ideas?

          • lynn says:

            I also made numerous calls for homeless assistance from April through November of 2020. If I called 311 they would tell me to call 911 and vise versa. There were originally several men living on the corner that I mentioned, and to be perfectly honest nothing changed until the Guardian Angels showed up and convinced two of the men to get help. One man that stayed behind eventually had a complete breakdown in the middle of the night and was taken away by ambulance and I’ve never seen him again. It’s horrifying that it has to get to that point before they receive any help.

    5. John French says:

      Sushi Nonaka at 410 Amsterdam Ave is among the best in NYC. Absolutely first rate in Yasuda, Gari, Masa, Nakazawa class plus you are supporting our own Upper West Side sushi emporium.

    6. Herb says:

      Just noticed that Slaviks VIP Fitness has installed an ugly corrugated security gate, covering the entire front. I was feeling positive about their opening in the long vacant space, but this is a disappointment. They are a scourge on the blocks and neighborhoods where they appear. It is a canvas for graffiti that is never cleaned or painted over because it only is visible when the establishment is closed. Why wasn’t the type of gate with rods used?

    7. Nani says:

      Very sad that Victoria Secret has closed and soon DSW. We are being reduced to shopping online. I very much prefer the 3-D tangible experience of shopping. And Ricky’s was my to-go place. How fitting in this day and age that it would be replaced by a medical office with a cardiologist!

    8. MHK says:

      Has Slavik’s taken over the space that was Body Strength for decades?

    9. Curious Upper Westsider says:

      Does anyone know what store is going into 320 Columbus Ave? No signage yet, they are making slow progress. It is a mystery to me – appreciate any tidbit of knowledge, previously a popular Indian restaurant for 20 years. Location NE corner 75th St.

    10. Curious Upper Westsider says:

      Correction NW corner.

    11. yoma says:

      I’d be eager to know more about Slavik’s. (Ugly fences don’t bother me.) Has anyone taken a training session? What’s his athletic background? Please advise. (I called the number and left a message.)