Human Christmas Tree Spotted on Amsterdam Avenue

A tipster who wishes to remain anonymous spotted this illuminated figure bicycling on Amsterdam Avenue at 86th Street on Wednesday night.

Frankly we could use quite a bit more of this kind of weirdness.

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    1. Asil S says:

      This is hysterical!

    2. Brian Campbell says:

      Nice way to stay in the spirit.

    3. Christine Campbell says:

      Fabulous! I love NYC!

    4. Cato says:

      Nice to see someone branching out for the holidays!

    5. D Marie says:

      Fun, and a nice way to start off the Christmas season.

    6. LL says:

      That is awesome.

    7. 2021 the year of bikers says:

      This is truly wearable arts. it’s getting to look alot like christmas!

    8. Geri Marshall says:

      Oh Christmas tree,
      Oh Christmas tree;

      How lovely are thy branches…

    9. SeasonsGreetings says:

      This brought a huge smile to my face 🤶🏻

    10. Emily says:

      I just saw the mobile Christmas tree in Central Park heading south passed W. 90th St. Fabulous! Laughter and cheers among all the bystanders.

    11. Kathleen says:

      Love the tree, love the comments! Happy holidays to all!!

    12. tim says:

      definitely an e-bike

    13. Dorothy says:

      😍 love it

    14. Sunny’s Mom says:

      Christmas on wheels keep on rollin’

    15. Joy says:

      Way to brighten people’s day! I love it 🥰

    16. Ex-UWS Linsey says:

      Naples, FL. Saw a group of 20 biking down the main street with lights all over their bikes. Love lights on bikes. This person branched out & leaves us pining for more.

    17. Pedestrian says:

      Love it!

    18. CK says:

      Out of desperation not to get hit by car in long dark winter nights? Brilliant idea in any perspectives….

      • beba says:

        This in all good humour – after reading the absurd comments re: the NYPD – is a brilliant way to get away from a crime:)